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Podcast: Divorce Court 101

Statistics indicate that the a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divorce”divorce rate is high/a–some say up to fifty percent of marriages in the US end in divorce while others say it is lower, but still high. Are you about to become one of these statistics or know someone who is? Then you have to listen to our dicussion with divorce attorney, Lauren Strange-Boston, who joins us in our studio today to discuss how men and women differ when it comes to negotiating the terms of divorce. We will focus first on what to look for in a spouse in order to avoid divorce, how to find a good divorce attorney if the worst happens and you need one, how to manage your feelings in the most effective way (hint: anger and/or manipulation may not win your case), and what to do if your soon-to-be ex decides to bring charges against you for sexual abuse or other serious allegations.br /br /You can listen to the podcast by a href=”http://podcasts.instapundit.com/StrangeBoston.mp3″clicking here/a (no iPod necessary) or you can a href=”http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=116559643s=143441″subscribe via iTunes here./a Here is a link to our podcast archive if you want to listen to previous podcasts a href=”http://instapundit.com/archives/cat_podcasts.php”here/a. And there’s a low-fi version for dialup users right a href=”http://www.instapundit.com/extra_archives/2006_02.php#028499″here./abr /br /Please leave any comments or suggestions below