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Browbeaten into Submission

Now a href=”http://spaces.msn.com/worldofbill/blog/cns!C4B6B44ABF8B9F31!3515.entry”here is a blogger /a who believes that the proper role for a man in marriage is submission. Actually, the blog of this “Mad Suburban Dad” sounds like it is written by a woman. Apparently, if you don’t acknowlege that men should kowtow to women in marriage, act frightened of their spouse’s wrath, a href=”http://spaces.msn.com/worldofbill/PersonalSpace.aspx”hide out in a tent /a like a wuss (see entry 4-4-2006 and 4-11-2006) and say you are “on strike” instead of confronting her, or otherwise kiss up to women at every opportunity–you are pegged as a woman-hater. What do you think–is this “guy’s” blog satire or not?br /br /Update: Normally, I do not care what other people write about my blog or me in their own personal blogs–it is usually of little interest. However, in this case of Mad Suburban Dad, I think his blog and commenters speak volumes about the way our society treats men and those of us who are female who do not toe the party line of the virtues of women and the sins of men. Just call them sexist, woman haters, racist or whatever to make them look bad. Sorry MadDad, this type of behavior no longer works–everyone sees through this cheap psychological maneuver. br /br /Mad Dad calls my commenters (and me, by association) “women-haters and the women who love them,” yet here are the statements from his commenters regarding myself, a href=”http://cathyyoung.blogspot.com/2006/04/feminism-misogyny-and-husband.html”Cathy Young, /aand a woman named Heather:br /br /blockquoteWell, I have been a reader here for a while now and I have always thought your entries were well written and humorous. I can only hope my marrage is as happy as your is, we should all hope to be as lucky. I went ahead and read those two womens blogs and I have to tell you I am ashamed to be a woman right now. Those two humorless twits are ruining the reputations of women everywhere turning us into nagging humorless bitches who will leave you at the drop of a hat. Accckkkk… they make me sick. I appologize for the rest of us who are not bland, cranky, miserable, lackluster and emotionally repressive. br /br /frankly they sound a couple of jealous ol’ BFHs (Bimbo from a Terribly Hot Place ;-)w absolutely no sense of humor to me! I loved the story of the ‘well-managed’ man and think that tho Mrs Mad-Dad was apparently born a ‘Yankee’, that she’s really a Southern Lady at heart (w all the smarts that being a Lady entails), and you sir are obviously a Gentleman (w all the courtesy that being a Gentleman requires).br /br /Well MadDad, first of all, Heather is an A-hole. You know it, I know it, and the rest of blogland should know it….. I wonder what Dr. Helen Cathy Young’s relationships are like? Tee Hee. /blockquotebr /br /Wow, it sounds like Mad Dad and his commenters are the woman-haters to me.