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Carnival of Homeschooling

The a href=”http://gottsegnet.blogspot.com/2006/05/21st-carnival-of-homeschooling-map-to.html”21st Carnival of Homeschooling /ais up. I found a href=”http://www.mamalogues.com/2005/08/thats-mrs-crazy-freaky-nutjob-young.html”this post /aentitled, “That’s Mrs. Crazy Freaky Nut Job, Young Man!” to be an amusing response from this mom when others act rather shocked at her decision to homeshool:br /br /blockquoteNo, he won’t have a blast at school and I’ll be his teacher because I’m a crazy freaky nutjob who plans to teach her kids horribly at home, all the while turning them into recluses who will grow up to live in shacks in Montana and mail letter bombs to people. Make me proud kids! At least, that’s what it seems like I say because everytime I mention that I’m going to homeschool I get these very odd looks, like I just told my audience that I have airborne VD or something./blockquotebr /br /Uhh, I thought recluses who mailed letter bombs to people a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_Kaczynski”graduated from Harvard/a.