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Internet Dating

Wow, I never knew a href=”http://volokh.com/posts/1145051863.shtml”Eugene Volokh /a met his wife online–he is one of a number of intelligent men, whom I have heard met their future wife online. Perhaps when there are fewer potential spouses out there for you because of being quirky, smart, or different, online dating makes sense, since it can narrow the field by matching the same interests, likes, dislikes etc. I must admit that I used to work at a dating service in Brooklyn for several years after my first master’s degree (what job did I not have?) br /br /No, I was not an escort, I worked as a matchmaker and the job required a psychologist who had at least a masters or PHD to match people all over the country. I thought I was pretty good at it as I often got letters back from happy couples reporting that they were getting married or dating seriously. I never took advantage of meeting men through the dating service, although, Lord knows, I should have, given the bunch of winners I met in New York. I will not go into detail but let’s just say that one of them was OCD to the point he became non-functional, another — an aspiring model — mooched off me for a year (I was a grad student, worked two jobs to pay the rent and he would not even help pay for groceries, just his own beer), and well, let’s just stop there. Luckily, I met my husband when I moved back to Knoxville.br /br /But enough about me. Has anyone had any luck with Internet dating or not?