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Self-Made Sexist

Leave it to a woman at the a href=”http://www.guardian.co.uk/gender/story/0,,1696676,00.html”emGuardian/em/a to provide a sexist description of how she views being a man. In response to Norah Vincent’s emSelf-Made Man/em, this is how the reviewer says she would act as a male: br /br /blockquoteMaybe that’s why male-me would just give up trying to be great and succumb (with regret) to being arrogant, chauvinistic-appalling and subsequently having a whale of a time. I’d have the big red ‘compensating’ car, the smarmy chat-up lines, the commitment-phobia. I’d love ’em and leave ’em and, if it comes to it, pretend I never met ’em. I’d come home to my wife stinking of perfume, with my trousers covered in grass stains, and tell her off for being ‘paranoid’. I’d trample on colleagues ruthlessly and swagger around the office like the undiscovered Donald Trump. I’d read Nuts on the loo because ‘I like the articles’. And there you go. Not only does masculinity suddenly look a lot easier, it also looks a lot more fun. Odd to think, though, that women who are feminists might be more likely to become men who are chauvinists./blockquotebr /br /Lady, you must be one hell of a feminist.