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Hot Topic: Should Obama Be Impeached if He Attacks Syria without Congressional Authorization?

As of noon on September 6, the House whip count on the vote to authorize military force against Syria stands at 223 “no” votes or “leaning no.” Seventy-two Democrats are included in that number. Only 25 members have indicated that they will vote “yes.”

Unless there is a shocking turnaround, it seems certain that the war resolution will fail. If that happens, what will President Obama do?

He said in his speech announcing that he was taking the issue to Congress that he could have gone ahead with the attack without congressional authorization. Some in the media are urging him to attack President Assad even without the approval of Congress. If he does that, some Republicans, joined by a few Democrats, will almost certainly call for impeachment hearings to begin in the House.

We’ve heard from them. Now it’s your turn to be heard. Should the president be impeached if he attacks Syria without congressional authorization?

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