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Announcing Some Exciting Changes at PJM!

I’m pleased to announce that Bryan Preston has been named deputy managing editor at PJ Media. Longtime readers of PJM are well acquainted with Bryan’s contributions over the years. He was an integral part of our explosive growth over the last decade, serving as the site’s editor-at-large from 2010 until 2014, when he left to pursue opportunities with the Texas General Land Office and the Texas Railroad Commission, working for commissioners George P. Bush and Ryan Sitton respectively. In 2014, Bryan also served as the editor-in-chief of The Grid, PJM’s curated news aggregation project. Over the last two years, Bryan has been dipping his toe back into writing for us, so when the time came to hire a new editor, he was the natural choice. Not only is he an excellent editor and writer, but he brings with him a mile-deep understanding of the issues our readers care most about—along with his Texas values and accent!

“Returning to PJ Media is such an easy decision for me,” Bryan said. “It’s like coming home.”

“PJ Media has gone from strength to strength over the past several years, and being part of the Salem and Townhall universe puts us in a position to defend our republic like never before,” he said. “I’m coming back armed with deeper policy experience that I hope will help me keep our readers informed and engaged. I’m deeply blessed and honored to be here.”

In addition to hiring Bryan, two of our longtime contributors—Stephen Green and Stephen Kruiser—have been promoted to the position of senior columnist.

Stephen Green, aka VodkaPundit, launched his blog all the way back in 2002, when hardly anyone even knew what a blog was. When PJM launched in 2005, he became one of the site’s founding bloggers.

“Starting as a lowly blogger typing away in my basement so long ago that I had to explain to everyone what a blog was, to being named a senior columnist — and in such fine company — at a premiere news site like PJMedia… that right there is part of the American Dream we’re all working to protect,” Steve said.

Over the years, he’s written nearly 25,000 articles for us—an extraordinary testament to his diligence and passion for writing and for building relationships with our readers! When we launched our VIP program last fall, Steve was one of the first to volunteer to write exclusive content for our subscribers, knowing that it would give him a unique opportunity to speak directly to our loyal readers, without the filters placed on us by ad vendors and Big Tech gurus who don’t share our values.

If you haven’t already become a VIP subscriber, you can join here. We offer an ad-free experience for a nominal fee. For a slightly higher monthly charge, you get access to exclusive VIP content at PJM. If you become a VIP Gold subscriber you get the aforementioned benefits, plus access to VIP content across all the Townhall Media websites, including Townhall, Twitchy, Bearing Arms, RedState, and Hot Air. You’ll also be able to participate in live video chats with your favorite personalities from around the Townhall Media universe, including the one scheduled for today at 3:30 today.

Stephen Kruiser started as a PJTV personality in 2010, hosting the popular “Kruiser Control” show. He began writing for PJM in 2012, and over the last year has increased his presence here, writing our daily informative—and hilarious—Morning Briefing (subscribe here to get it delivered to your inbox every morning), along with penning his regular columns. He’s also been an integral part of our VIP program, writing regular articles for our subscribers and hosting a weekly podcast, “The Kruiser Kabana.”

“After a year of unprecedented growth at PJ Media, I’m excited that we aren’t resting on our laurels, ” he said. “Even during these strangest of times, we’re moving forward with new ways to entertain and inform our ever-growing audience. I look forward to continuing my efforts to make our Morning Briefing the most unique newsletter in the genre, as well as writing two columns each week covering culture and politics. It’s going to be fun navigating this new territory both with my colleagues and our readers.”

While the names and faces have changed over the years, our values here at PJ Media have remained the same. We continue our tireless dedication to preserving conservative principles while equipping and informing you, our readers, so you can then go out and make a difference in your own communities. You are your partners in this endeavor and together we can help keep America great!