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Morgan Freeman Tells PJM New CBS Series Highlighting Female Secretary of State 'Not About Hillary'

WASHINGTON — Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, an executive producer of the new CBS series Madam Secretary, said President Obama “has been extraordinary” during his time in office.

“My feeling about what he’s done is he has been extraordinary in the wake of such partisanship. He’s gotten a lot done,” said Freeman at the premiere of Madam Secretary on Thursday evening at the United States Institute of Peace.

In 2012, Freeman donated $1 million to the pro-Obama political action committee Priorities USA Action. He also narrated a commercial for the Obama campaign.

Madam Secretary is a television drama about Elizabeth Faulkner McCord, a female secretary of State played by Téa Leoni. Freeman told PJ Media Madam Secretary is not a political show.

“We don’t think it’s a political film. The State Department is not a political arm of the government. We’re talking about the diplomatic corps, that’s ongoing. These people are – they’re there when administrations move on, all right. So, we don’t want to get it locked into like, politics,” Freeman said.

Lori McCreary, executive producer of the series, said the American public could learn more about the sacrifices of individuals in diplomatic service by watching the show.

Actor Tim Daly, who plays Henry McCord, said some have already called the series a “Hollywood liberal conspiracy” to help elect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the next president. Freeman disagrees with that characterization.

“We reject that. We haven’t even thought in those terms. This show is not about Hillary or anything having to do with Hillary. It has to do with Elizabeth McCord; she’s fictional,” Freeman said.

Former President Bill Clinton’s secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, attended the screening and addressed the fight against ISIS in an interview with PJ Media.

“What has to happen is the president of the United States needs to have partners with us there. This is not – this is their story. This is a regional story and obviously of great interest to the United States and I know that a lot of care has been taken in terms of figuring out which members of the opposition and they need to be a part of solving the problem and so I think it’s the right thing to do,” Albright said.

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