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Finally, a Conservative Hollywood Award Show

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Oh! It’s that magical time of the year, when we all tune in to the Oscars and the Emmys to find out which celebs are most important this year. The joviality, the pomp, the media thunderstorm! How could anyone miss these award extravaganzas?

Maybe, just maybe, many of us actually do skip them because Hollywood has become a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party. We pass on watching the elitist leftists patting themselves on the back once again.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Hollywood used to be a town of hard-working, red-blooded Americans, who just happened to pick up some fame along the way. Think of Jimmy Stewart, who voluntarily served in a combat role in the armed forces. Or John Wayne, who espoused such a patriotic character that the USSR was thinking of having him assassinated. And, don’t forget that before Ronald Reagan was president, he starred in several movies, and he was the head of the Screen Actors Guild.

How did the Reagan industry turn into the Matt Damon industry? How is it that the second highest-grossing political documentary of all time, Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016: Obama’s America, wasn’t even nominated for Best Documentary, while Michael Moore’s rubbish was not only nominated, but won the Oscar?

We here at PJTV decided that it was time to right these wrongs, and to explore how the world of cinema started skewing so left in the first place.

We assembled the best panel of conservatives in the industry — including Bill Whittle, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Roger L. Simon, Andrew Klavan, Dinesh D’Souza, AlfonZo Rachel, Scott Ott, and Stephen Kruiser – for lively discussions in our “Red State Red Carpet” series.

Now available at the PJ Store, this five-part video series delves into the history of the cultural shift, and  looks at some of the best examples of conservative cinema.

We talk about patriotic films, and examine how a film like American Sniper has been breaking so many records. Do only war flicks qualify as patriotic movies? Or does a film like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington embody the free spirit of our great country just as much as a movie about a war?

We look at overtly political movies, like documentaries, but also films like Team America: World Police,  which portrayed the elitist actors as stupid and weak, and showed communist leaders, like Kim Jong Il, as immature jokes.

And we discuss faith-based movies, and talk about how biblical imagery can be used for positive and negative stories. Movies that stick pretty closely to the Bible, or to religious morals, often exceed Hollywood’s expectations. So why don’t they make more of them?

Then, we do something very special. We hold the not-to-be-missed, very first all Conservative Hollywood Award Show. Named after Ronald Reagan, we present The Ronnies!

Categories include: conservative television series, conservative actors and actresses, best faith-based, overtly political, and patriotic films, and best conservative message in a film. Bill Whittle is a host as good as the best of ‘em, and he’s joined by Klavan and Simon, who discuss all of the nominees.

Check out the whole series at the PJ Store.

You will not want to pass up an opportunity to hear why Bill Whittle thinks George Washington was a “Swingin’ Deadly Dude,” why Stephen Kruiser thinks we should bathe in Michael Moore’s tears, or why Dinesh D’Souza urges conservatives to be entertaining, not just informative.

No animals were harmed in the writing of this article.

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