Barry Honey, Let's Do Talk About Jobs

Well, my dear Mr. President, you’ve been making quite a disagreeable spectacle of yourself lately. You’ve been traveling around campaigning on that big, black, foreign-made bus that looks like a harbinger of death come riding into America’s heartland. And on every stop in every hamlet, you say you  want to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs.

So is this that “pivot to jobs” we’ve all been anxiously awaiting since the failed Mother-Load Stimulus to nowhere and the Auto Stimulus to Unions and the Obamacare Stimulus to Kathleen Sebelius’ queen-hood? Honestly honey, you’ve done the so-called “pivot to jobs” so many times over the past three years that we Americans feel like we’re living in an endless loop of jobs-pivoting déjà vu.

Now, you’re out  on the campaign trail and you want to talk about your Democrat-stalled “jobs bill” – the Son of Stimulus? You’re serious about that?

Well, bless your heart.

But Barry honey, since you brought it up again, let’s do talk about jobs.

Although I must warn you up front, Mr. President, that the word “jobs” coming from your mouth has become synonymous with the now ubiquitous words “unexpected job losses” coming from the world of economy watchers. In fact, I would daresay your presidency has now come to be defined as the Obamaville that finally replaced Hooverville in the American political lexicon.

That’s not a good thing, honey.

In fact, if we citizens are to go by the facts as documented by the real number-crunchers – rather than the alternate set of “facts” that keeps issuing forth from your mouth – then we must conclude that every time you utter the word “jobs,” it is a hilarious inside joke among you and your erstwhile Marxist supporters in the Occupy Obamavilles.  The rest of us, who actually prefer working to whining, really don’t get the joke.

For instance, what was the meaning of the jobs joke hidden in the Mother-Load Stimulus that your Democrat super-majority pushed through in 2009?  That bill actually killed a number of good American jobs.  Due to poor planning and big-government hiring regulations, some of the road construction projects meant to increase jobs actually ended up nearly destroying formerly thriving businesses.

Next: HOW MUCH did that sign cost?!

The Daily Caller detailed five such job-killing stimulus projects in August of 2010 – the same summer which you and your press minions simultaneously hailed as “the Summer of Recovery.” Well, it wasn’t for small businesses in the path of your big-government steamroller in Tennessee or Wisconsin or Utah or California or Ohio. No, Barry honey, recovery summer was an Obummer summer in many states where the incompetent hands of your big-government “solutions” set up shop.

In every one of the job-killing “stimulus” projects cited by The Daily Caller,  a few union jobs may have been “saved or created,” but small business owners were paying the price of big-government stupidity.  Traffic suddenly rerouted or closed down altogether put real Americans out of jobs while union bosses laughed all the way to the bank.

In reality, many jobs were killed by the “stimulus,” but the signs were pretty. They should have been. They cost us aggrieved American taxpayers a pretty penny. According to a DOT figure submitted to ABC News upon request, it was estimated that states spent about five million dollars on those signs alone. Five million dollars, honey!  On signs that were so reminiscent of your own campaign logo that Republicans were demanding an investigation.

ABC News determined that a single sign touting “The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” on improvements to a runway at Dulles International cost $10,000. Ten thousand dollars for a sign. Just a sign. The whole runway-improvement project cost American taxpayers $15 million and created a piddling 17 jobs. Now no one but the village idiot touts that with a ten thousand dollar sign, honey.

The utter waste and stupidity in that Mother-Load Stimulus bill was so egregious that they prompted Senators Coburn and McCain to write a whole detailed report on some of them, which they called Summertime Blues. Now admittedly, Barry honey, Coburn and McCain are Republicans, but the “stimulus” projects they highlighted ought to cause even an agitating community organizer like you to blush with shame.

My personal favorite taxpayer-gouge from the Summertime Blues report was the one where big-government dupes gave nearly $2 million to the California Academy of Sciences to send researchers (aka government-paid tourists) to the Southwest Indian Ocean Islands and east Africa to photograph and catalog “exotic” ants, some of which will no doubt be extinct by the time this research “stimulates” the American economy.

Next: Well, at least there’s one job the president is worried about…

Of course, looking back, I can fully understand why a besieged president would want to hail a nonexistent recovery in the summer of 2010. That summer’s propaganda campaign did help divert the citizenry’s attention from all the jobs going bye-bye in response to your big bleeping deal, ObamaCare. Even as you hit the links on Martha’s Vineyard and your mouthpieces touted “Recovery Summer,” real health care jobs were already beginning to be choked to death by your ObamaCare kudzu.

Three Catholic hospitals in Pennsylvania were put up for sale due in large part to new ObamaCare regulations. Then there was that ObamaCare Section 6001, which effectively banned physician-owned hospitals and keeps new ones from starting up in the first place. By January of this year, when that little reg went into effect, construction on 45 doctor-owned small hospitals completely came to a halt, as recounted by the Weekly Standard.

Oh, how many jobs have been killed by ObamaCare alone, Barry honey?

It’s not quite been the job-creating extravaganza that the former Madame Speaker Pelosi claimed it would be, now has it? Ms. Pelosi’s claim, as I’m sure you well remember from your own health care summit in February 2010, was that the healthcare overhaul would create 400,000 jobs – well, “almost immediately.”


Well, here we are, Barry honey, a year and a half later and we’re still waiting for all those jobs promised. And waiting for the next scene in your never ending “pivot to jobs” play-acting.

Here’s the bottom line, darlin’. From where we’re sitting out here in the real heartland, nearly everything you’ve actually done as president – as opposed to what you’ve said as president – indicates that your one and only job concern is with your own.

And why should you not want to keep that cushy job of yours at our expense? Vacations on the Vineyard among the millionaires and billionaires, the same people you harp on out the other side of your mouth. Riding the waves in posh style in your beloved Hawaii. Sending your lovely bride off to see the sights in Marbella Spain. From the Taj Mahal to Big Ben to the Champs Elysee, you seem to be having the time of your life and living the dream, all while logging in more links and hoops than a man three times your age. Your wild gadabouting and vacationing have made the entire idea of a presidency seem almost obsolete.

Work? No, not here.

It’s no wonder, Barry honey, you’ve had such difficulty creating an economic policy that spurs job creation.

You, apparently, don’t even know the meaning of the word “job.”  If you did, then you would be doing yours.

Until we talk again, I remain your dissatisfied constituent.


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