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Unborn Activists?

After a test showed that one of her twins had Down Syndrome, a 38-year-old woman in Italy had the handicapped fetus aborted this summer – only to find out that the hospital killed the healthy twin. So she came back for a second abortion and filed a complaint against the medical staff. It turns out that the twins had switched places between the last scan and the actual abortion.

This is just one of many cases showing that, as often as not, aborted fetuses get the last laugh. In incidents like this one, you can almost hear them. Yes, when they take a break from crying, aborted fetuses are laughing – at us. Switching places in the womb just in time for the abortion is one of many gags these practical jokesters like to play on us.

Another case in Italy, from March, in which doctors at a teaching hospital called Careggi told an expecting mother that her fetus had a defective esophagus, a problem often correctable through surgery.

However, Mom opted for the abortion, and here’s what happened:

[W]hen they went to abort the baby boy, they discovered he was healthy and desperately tried to resuscitate him. The boy was born healthy and lived for six days following the failed abortion, which was done at 22 weeks into the pregnancy…Hospital officials are defending the doctors saying their physicians advised the mother to have further diagnostic tests but that she opted for the abortion after consulting with a private doctor.

But look what happens when a mother overrules her doctors and gives the baby a chance. The child will often reward her, as happened in England when physicians advised Deborah Gudgeon that she should abort her baby because of a large, potentially fatal cyst-a situation, they said, in which most patients opted to abort. Instead, Gudgeon started to pray, and four weeks after medical scans confirmed that the cyst was growing, it simply disappeared.

Another happy ending came last year in a Maine incident in which parents whose last name is Kampf kidnapped their 19 year-old daughter with rope and a gun so they could drive her to an abortion clinic in New York. But the fetus made sure that Mom managed to escape, and that Grandma and Grandpa got arrested.

In a less fortunate but darkly poetic, current case, a couple in Italy are in danger of losing their daughter because they made her abort hers. (In Italy, the ultimate decision about whether a teen can abort belongs to her parents.) The 13 year-old girl has entered a psychiatric ward after having a mental breakdown and is now on suicide watch.

Indeed, depression caused by having had an abortion is very real and widespread among aborting women. But one vengeful critter made extra sure Mom wouldn’t forget him/her: Woman left to discover jar containing her baby – “A woman who had an abortion was stunned to find the foetus left in a jar after a hospital blunder. Nicola McManus made the horrific discovery when she was left in a room to answer a phone call from her husband. The jar was labelled with her name. She said: ‘I fell apart. I couldn’t believe anyone could be careless enough just to leave it lying there. That image will live with me forever.'”

Indeed, some can be appropriately spiteful, but others are just stubborn, as this headline demonstrates: 50 [UK] Babies a Year are Alive after Abortion.

Still others survive and end up handicapped to remind Mom and Dad every day of their lives what they tried to do. Such is the case of Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor who suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of the attempt on her life. Last year she crashed a hearing at the Colorado House of Representatives on a resolution to honor the 90th anniversary of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Meanwhile, the ones who don’t survive will just make sure that the child you do want to keep gets the palsy, as happened in Australia, where a woman sued her mother’s obstetrician for causing her cerebral palsy by rupturing the uterus during labor and starving her brain of oxygen. The judge, however, found that the uterus had been perforated in an abortion the year before, which the plaintiff’s mother hadn’t told her doctor about.

Then there are all those deadly cases of “botched abortions,” as we call them. In reality, what these entail is a mother thinking she’s just going to take her child’s life and the child deciding to take Mom with it. (Or at least knock her into a coma for a month.) Remember, the decision about how to handle these things is the fetus’s choice. Not your business.

In stark contrast to this kind of fetal revenge, look what happens when Mom sacrifices for a fetus:

Jamaica Beauty Queen Who Refused Abortion Can Keep Miss World Title

The head of the Miss World beauty pageant says it will not strip the Miss World Caribbean title from beauty queen Sara Lawrence, who announced she would step down as Miss Jamaica after saying she was pregnant and would not have an abortion. Lawrence will also be able to keep her Miss Jamaica title….Miss Jamaica World franchise holder, Mickey Haughton-James, previously… said keeping her crown and carrying the baby to term were incompatible, implying that an abortion would let her continue her reign.

But Haughton-James was touched by a letter from Miss World founder Julia Morley and decided, “I have no intention of removing her title.”

Yes, the unborn are asserting themselves. The real “sleeper cells” have been activated. Their methods may seem a bit harsh, but they’ve been watching us, and have noted both that we respond to coercion better than anything else and that we actually treat things like terrorists more humanely than we treat them. So they’re showing us that not only are they people too, they’re politically active.

For example, fetuses were among the first to weigh in on the embryonic stem cell debate, which is fundamentally about the value of an embryo. Not only is every unfortunate soul who has been implanted with stem cells from embryos or aborted fetuses dead or wishing he/she were, look what this embryo did just to make a point: Embryo saved from flood is now a boy – “Noah Benton Markham–8 pounds, 6 1/2 ounces–was born to 32-year-old Rebekah Markham by Caesarean section after growing from an embryo that nearly defrosted in a sweltering hospital during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.” Here is some interesting background on the rescue:

Illinois officers on loan to Louisiana set out in National Guard trucks, towing flat-bottomed boats. A flat surface was essential: The 35- and 40-liter nitrogen tanks, which weigh 75 and 90 pounds, had to stay upright. If one tipped over, the nitrogen would spill.

In the hospital parking lot, the boats puttered past cars still flooded almost up to their windows. The boats were taken through the flooded halls, and the embryos were floated out. They were taken across town to a hospital that had not flooded.

Both AP items were sure to include an explanation as to why it was important to save the embryos:

[I]f the embryos had thawed, each woman who wanted another baby would have had to undergo another expensive round of fertility drugs, egg harvesting, and in vitro fertilization. Markham estimated her first pregnancy cost $12,000; the second $2,000.

As if seven Illinois policemen and three Louisiana state troopers hauled butt through a city underwater to save a few thousand dollars for some strangers. In any case, their efforts were rewarded when they heard that the first of the 1,400 frozen embryos they rescued actually made something of himself.

Fetuses have gone so far as to form a strong alliance with science and technology, and within this powerful coalition bloc they manipulate the scientific community to their favor, as advanced technology confounds the pro-abortion camp, who are otherwise fans of science. Indeed, the more advanced our instruments become, the more the fetuses seem to look and act like people. They are winning the war of images:

New Ultrasound Rekindles Abortion Debate

Doctors: South Dakota Abortion Law Parallels Scientific Understanding

“The debate surrounding when unborn babies can feel–and so the age up until which they should be aborted,” read a UK Guardian article last year, ” was reignited by 4D scans, three-dimensional images with movement, that were pioneered by Professor Stuart Campbell, former professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at King’s College, London. The moving images showed that unborn babies can stretch, kick and leap around from 12 weeks, make intricate finger movements at 15 weeks and yawn at 20 weeks. They also revealed that 18-week-old foetuses can open their eyes.”

Also viewable was this fetal propaganda: “…twins and triplets jostling for space in the womb while grasping each other’s hands and even faces… ‘I was amazed at the detail in the faces – smiles, blinking – and the interaction between multiple foetuses,’ [said Campbell].”

Thanks to these “4D” images, we found out that a fetus chooses to be right or left handed at 10 weeks by sucking its thumb. And it can show you the middle finger even earlier: Parkinson’s Research is Set Back by Failure of Fetal Cell Implants.

But there are scientific “advances” that fetuses aren’t so fond of, exposing certain technology to be as defective as it claims the fetuses to be: Prenatal Screening not so Accurate as Once Thought – “Normal” Children Killed as “Defective”, reports a pro-life website called Lifesite News, which also revealed that screening tests for Down Syndrome are inaccurate up to 40 percent of the time. “Abortion of the child is most often the result, even though in many cases scans are inconclusive or show only an increased possibility of health problems….A recent Canadian study found more natural differences between the genetic code of individuals than previous researchers had thought existed, leading to greater difficulty in establishing a ‘normal’ genetic code as a basis for evaluating pre-natal scans….prenatal screening may incorrectly diagnose genetic differences as ‘defects’.”

Nor do fetuses like the RU-486 abortion drug. When debates raged as the FDA was set to approve it, the unborn were clearly against, and are apparently bitter over their political defeat, as evidenced by the fact that eight women who have taken it are now dead (though some put the number at 13), and a number of others have faced serious complications.

In addition to other negative consequences of abortion such as increased cancer risk, difficulty to carry future children to term, mental disorders, substance abuse, and regrets in later life that one didn’t have more kids, abortion leads to an increased likelihood of premature birth, as the UK Telegraph reported:

A French study of 2,837 births…found that mothers who had previously had an abortion were 1.7 times more likely to give birth to a baby at less than 28 weeks’ gestation. Many babies born this early die soon after birth, and a large number who survive suffer serious disability.

The preemies who survive, however, are useful for advancing the unborn agenda still further, by sending a message: Baby Beats 100 to 1 Survival Odds; World’s Most Premature Baby is Thriving. Here they hold up a mirror to our self-created paradox of how on one floor of a hospital someone could be aborting a five-month fetus while on another floor medical staff are fighting to keep a five-month-old baby alive.

And there are other subtle hints the unborn have been throwing our way. For example, over time humanity learned to not be dismissive toward the suffering of animals, if for no reason other than the fact that violence against animals leads to violence against people. Likewise, the unborn have showed us that cruelty to fetuses leads to cruelty to others:

Former Jackson Abortion Clinic Doctor Faces New Murder Trial

New Website Details Thousands of Violent Crimes by Abortion Supporters

Who can argue that the unborn aren’t people when they already behave as a formidable political bloc? Who can still think they don’t have an opinion on whether they live or die?

Foetuses ‘may be conscious long before abortion limit’
, read a 2003 UK Telegraph headline.

Ya think?

Julia Gorin is a comedian and opinion writer who blogs at JuliaGorin.com and PoliticalMavens.com.