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A Ten-Point Health Care Plan for America

1. Malpractice reform

Decouple malpractice determination from awards.

Consider single-payer malpractice insurance for physicians (five percent of net income). Physicians adjudicate claims with judge/lawyers overseeing proceedings. Caps on rewards, no contingency fees.


Four-tier system where judgment and penalties are given out. (Specifics are at RadicalPrescription.org, pages 23-25.)

2. Insurance company reform

Insurance companies will be allowed to sell policies across state lines.

Reciprocity of state plans.

Eliminate state mandates from basic plans.

3. Affinity groups (AAA, church groups, AARP, etc.)

Allow them to buy health insurance policies. The market will determine which. Members of such groups will be allowed to purchase those plans.

4. Regulate coverage

Restrict rescission only to glaring fraud.

Regulate “usual and customary charges” paid by insurance company.

Prohibit non-payment of claims.

Prohibit denial of treatments ordered by an approved (contracted provider) physician.

COBRA insurance to be continued as long as patient can pay premium. Premium should be the same as what the employer was paying.

5. Medical education

Remove three to four years of college from pre-medical education.

Free or minimal cost for medical school. Three years of public service to underserved areas following completion of medical training.

6. Coverage

Establish high-deductible major illness insurance to cover hospitalization and catastrophic illness for those under 65. Incentivize the purchase for those under 30 years of age with an additional $1,000-per-year tax credit. Age limit may vary depending on actuarial determinations. This is to be provided by private insurance.


Outpatient health care should be an out-of-pocket expense.

7. Pharmaceutical industry

Government should be allowed to purchase drugs directly.

Drugs which utilized federal grant money for R&D should have limitations in cost markup. Those that did not are free to exercise full free market tools.

8. Fraud abuse

Enhance Medicare and Medicaid oversight for fraud and abuse.

9. Mandates

With exception of COBRA, terminate all existing government physician mandates. This frees physician time to care for patients.

Preventive medicine measures to be carried out by non-physicians, such as nurses, aides, social workers, all basic medically trained personnel.

10. Tax deductions

Tax deductibility for major illness (catastrophic) insurance, but not for comprehensive plans.

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