WH Attacks Bob Woodward with ... Ageism. Are These Dems Too Old for Obama, Too?

Yesterday, a member of the most transparent administration in history, David Plouffe — in spreading a meme that the less-cynical, more bright-eyed and idealistic among us would never deign to think might be coordinated with several other administration-friendly media outlets — tweeted that former lefty hero Bob Woodward, age 69, might be ready for the glue factory:

No subtlety here. Mike Schmidt can’t hit pro pitching now for one reason: he is too old.

The White House wants America to re-imagine Bob Woodward as a reporter who can no longer be trusted because of his age. I suppose this is the only feasible means they imagined for striking back — how else to ruin the trustworthy reputation of Bob Woodward than to claim he no longer has the cognition of … Bob Woodward?

Shortly, I will put in a call to those prominent Obamacare cheerleaders at AARP, seeking their comment. I do not expect one.

Perhaps the White House’s stated position on the competence of an otherwise sharp-as-a-tack senior like Woodward will spur Democratic constituencies to reconsider the much-mocked Sarah Palin and “Death Panels”, and Obamacare’s “cost-saving” mechanisms in general.

I do not expect that many will.

Perhaps, after contacting AARP, I will also contact some prominent Democrats regarding the White House’s policy of ageism.

Let’s see: Woodward is 69, and has apparently lost his competency. Which Democratic figures — who, like Woodward, are otherwise not showing symptoms of dementia — should I immediately notify to be on watch regarding Obama’s loss of confidence in their faculties?

I’ll start with …

Joe Biden, age 70.

Then, Cabinet members:

John Kerry — 69
Chuck Hagel — 66
Ray LaHood — 67
Steven Chu — 65
Eric Shinseki — 70

Democratic Senators:

Lautenberg — 89
Feinstein — 79
Levin — 78
Mikulski — 76
Rockefeller — 75
Harkin — 73
Reid — 73
Leahy — 72
Boxer — 72
Sanders — 71
Baucus — 71
Nelson — 70
Cardin — 69
Durbin — 68
Blumenthal — 67
Johnson — 66
Carper — 66
Shaheen — 66
Manchin — 65
Hirono — 65