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The Newest PJ Media Columnist: J. Christian Adams

Today, PJ Media’s world-class roster of columnists gains one more esteemed name, as J. Christian Adams launches his Rule of Law blog.

In 2010, Christian initiated himself into a rare brotherhood of uniquely American heroes: the whistleblowers. After resigning from the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division over the rampant practice of unequal law enforcement — the last straw for him being the New Black Panther voter intimidation scandal — Christian then testified in front of the Civil Rights Commission about the lawlessness he witnessed. Christian told his story here, and PJ Media is continually grateful that he chose us as the best medium for disseminating this vital information to Americans.

He followed up with several more instances of top-notch reporting, including exposes on voting fraud and disenfranchisement of active-duty military. Along with Hans von Spakovsky and Richard Pollock, he then put together the seminal “Every Single One” series, which exposed the radical and illegal hiring practices of the Obama Justice Department.

Adams also has just released his first book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department.

A personal note: Perhaps the most notable contribution I have been able to make towards PJ Media’s success since joining in 2009 occurred the day I noticed Adams had resigned from the DOJ. The name was familiar, I soon found that was because he had written for PJ Media once before, and I spent that morning trying to hunt him down. Seeing the great content that has since come from that quick bit of detective work has been professionally and personally rewarding, and I expect nothing less than more truth and bombshells in his new role.

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