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A Conservative Woman’s Defense of the Brave Men Who Support Trump

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh speaks during a secretive ceremony inducting him into the Hall of Famous Missourians on Monday, May 14, 2012, in the state Capitol in Jefferson City, Mo. (AP Photo/Julie Smith)

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard has published a woman’s Twitter rant about how offended she is that Republican men are still voting for Trump. She calls them “cowards” and “scum.”

After reading the postings, I really hope Miss Marybeth found a fainting couch to get her vapors under control. You can read the tirade here.

She begins by lamenting that she has spent years defending the Republican Party against charges of sexism and now she feels betrayed by conservative men who are sticking with Trump despite revelations of his sexist statements.

“Now some Trojan horse nationalist sexual predator invades the GOP, eating it alive, and you cowards sit this one out?” she screeches. “He treats women like dogs, and you go against everything I—and other female conservatives—said you were & back down like cowards?”

I have to laugh at this hysteria. What Puritanical world has this woman been living in? Does she know nothing? First of all, she might not realize that “nationalism” is not opposed to conservatism. American nationalists value America over the political and cultural systems of other nations. That value is rooted in the conservative principles that have shaped our country to make it truly the greatest nation on earth.

Given this point alone, if I am going to continue my fight for conservatism, wouldn’t I choose the nationalist over the cultural Marxist who wants to transform our nation into a less free society and who believes our nation isn’t all that great compared to other countries?

As a conservative woman, wouldn’t I vote against the person who advocates an ideology and policies that will harm me as a woman, a wife, and a mother? As a conservative woman, wouldn’t I vote against the person who wants me dependent on big government instead of standing on my own or recognizing that if I’m going to be dependent on anyone it’s going to be my husband—by my free choice?

As a conservative woman, wouldn’t I vote for the person who wants a Supreme Court that abides by the Constitution rather than supporting the person who wants to use the legal system to rob me of my rights?

How can Marybeth say she is continuing the fight for conservatism by abandoning the only person in the race who even remotely defends it or who will at least stop the person and the party bent on actually destroying it—forever?

Marybeth and so many others are the ones who are abandoning their conservative principles by rejecting Trump and even in some cases actually voting for Hillary Clinton. And why are they doing it? She says it’s because he’s a sexual predator. So sexual purity is more important than liberty? Not in my world, honey.

She chides Jeff Sessions who refused to characterize “Trump’s unauthorized groping of women as ‘assault.’ Are you kidding me?!” No, Marybeth, are you kidding ME? First of all, in this tape, did Trump grope anyone? Show me where on this tape he groped a woman. Marybeth, like a well-trained Alinskyite, shapes the narrative to fit her own agenda.

The fact of the matter is he talks about groping women. And, yes, Marybeth, men do actually talk this way sometimes. Icky, I know. Maybe Marybeth grew up in a nunnery, but I didn’t, and yes, I’ve heard men talk this way. Not all men, of course. But some men, and you know what, they’ve been conservative men. I know, oh my!

Clearly, Marybeth has a reasoning problem as she equates talking about something with actually doing it. If I say I want to kill my f**king ex-husband, have I in fact killed my ex-husband? Trust me, he’s alive and well.

If I say I want to punch some guy in the face, have I actually committed assault? Yet, how many women say these things? If a woman talks about how she “jumped a guy because he was so hot,” has she committed sexual assault? Killing exes, jumping men, punching guys in the face, or better yet, in the balls. Yes, some women do talk that way. Have they committed assault?

A little honesty is in order from someone who claims to be all about principles, goodness, and virtue. The truth is, Trump, in this tape, did not sexually assault anyone. His comments were crude and, yes, he has objectified women. He has been sexually immoral and has cheated on his wives. But assault? No, at least not evidenced in this tape.

I wonder what goodies we’d find if we had tapes of many conservative men in the media and politics, particularly those NeverTrumpers preaching about the sins of Trump. How much sexism, immorality, depravity, and hypocrisy would we uncover in their lives? That still doesn’t justify Trump, of course, but it does demand humility from others.

But, we don’t need to get personal, do we? There’s a history of men in politics who have had sordid sexual lives, including our beloved Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. And don’t even get me started on Democrat darling JFK or Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy. So, pardon me, if I don’t get the vapors when I find out Trump has a potty mouth and brags about his sexual “exploits.”

I might not like it, but I’m not going to abandon my fight for liberty (which is what conservative principles are all about) because I’m so offended by the sexual immorality of a worldly man.

Marybeth doesn’t buy all this, of course. Like a Puritan from Massachusetts Bay Colony she is unrelenting in her moral outrage, as she furiously constructs a scaffold from the planks of her own pride. And any man who doesn’t join her is a “coward.”

As a conservative woman who stands with these men, I resent her calling them cowards. It’s childish and simply wrong. The men who are fighting for a Trump victory are not cowards. Men like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity have fought longer and harder and taken more blows for conservatism than Marybeth has ever experienced.

These are men who have been in the trenches, who have given voice to people who have been attacked by the culture and abandoned by political elites. They’ve had their lives threatened, yet they have worked tirelessly for freedom—even through times when they weren’t making much money doing it.

Are they perfect? No. I’m not putting them on pedestals, but I will honor their consistent, stalwart efforts, and I won’t let some woman who has her panties in a wad malign their character. They have done more for the cause of conservatism than most of the NeverTrumpers who are wailing about the end of the GOP.

Calling such men—and all the men who stand with them—cowards is offensive to me as a woman. It is their strength and bravery that stands between me and a leftist agenda that will strip me of my dignity and my freedom.

The Democratic Party has done more to malign women than anything Trump has done. Abortion itself is one of the greatest, most violent attacks on women that we’ve ever experienced. Modern feminism in its quest for power has actually undermined women as it has robbed them of much happiness, leaving them frustrated and exhausted.

So, save me your outrage, Marybeth. The best thing you or anyone else who really cares about women can do is to stop the leftist political agenda and ideology that has raped women for decades. Trump might be sexist, but the Democratic Party is the essence of sexism.

“But Trump is a sexual predator!!” Marybeth will wail. No, not really, but even his sexual immorality—and yes, it’s abundant—doesn’t compare to the real sexism of the left. It is also not the focus of the actual charges of sexism the GOP has been struggling with for years.

Those charges often have nothing to do with a man’s sex life. They have to do with equal pay, abortion, and free contraception. Mitt Romney lost the election because of this “sexism.”

So, I have to ask the deeply insightful Marybeth, how will these charges dissipate if Trump is not our candidate? Will there be less of an uproar since there won’t be tapes of them saying crude things? Maybe, maybe not—depends on who has been taped during private moments. But the point is everything that Marybeth has been fighting for regarding sexism charges from the left will continue unabated with or without Trump.

I wish Trump were a more noble man. I really do. But he is our nominee. Republican voters chose him for a whole host of reasons. I wish they hadn’t. I wish they had chosen Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. Let’s hope Paul returns to presidential politicking in the future, and if he does, I’ll be there cheering for his victory.

But he’s not our nominee. Trump is. His politics are not the cultural leftist politics of Clinton. Electing him would at least dampen the enthusiasm of the left and put a stop to the corrupt Clinton machine that is ripping apart our nation. And yes, I care more about the future of our nation—for my children’s future—than the future of the GOP.

Marybeth tells male supporters of Trump that “one by one” women will abandon the GOP, and “you’ll watch men of ACTUAL character follow us out the door.” Well, not this woman, my dear. I’ll stay and fight side by side with men of ACTUAL character and strength who understand what this fight is really about.

I will not follow the hypocrites and prideful dolts out the door who are too short-sighted and worried about holding on to their little bits of power to see beyond this election.

No, Marybeth, I will not be standing with you when you reap what you have sown by abandoning conservatism for your Puritanism. This woman will remain where she’s always been—standing for liberty.