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The Spaghetti Strategy: Advice to Republicans

How do you know when your pasta is cooked? A storied measure of how to determine if the pasta is right to eat is to throw a noodle or two against the wall. If the pasta sticks, it’s ready.

This was the Obama administration’s plan when he took office on the first week in January of 2009. The only difference was that Mr. Obama wasn’t trying to determine the fitness of his policy for digestion in the body politic. Instead his noodles, varied and numerous as they were, represented every Marxist-Leninist idea ever thought up in a liberal think tank. The “policy pasta” was flying fast and furiously with executive orders, left-wing legislation, and appointments of anti-American hacks in key positions of authority within our government.

Obama was following a blueprint laid out by Cloward and Piven. The two professors, at Obama’s Columbia University, created a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands. The strategy worked, to a large degree. Flat-footed from their consecutive defeats in the ’06 and ’08 elections, Republicans found themselves unprepared and seemingly uninterested in opposing Obama. Many went out of their way to appeal to Obama’s sense of reason  Still others tried to find a middle ground with our inexperienced president to try and temper his large lurch to the left. Others were content to get out of the way and lick their wounds.

Democrat strategist James Carville declared the GOP was dead as a viable American party for decades to come. Indeed, the GOP’s prospects looked bleak. Then something amazing happened … America got sick, and yes, tired of being that way. The people’s stomach was turning from the indigestible dish that Obama had served up. It was an extreme left-wing casserole of high unemployment, out-of-control government spending, and appeasement of America’s adversaries around the world. The people, through a healthy dose of therapeutic Tea, began to fight back. And this Tea Party breathed new life into the limp and lifeless Republican Party.

Newly invigorated by the growing unpopularity of Mr. Obama and the leaders in the left-wing Congress, Republicans found their voice and rediscovered their reasons for being. I say rediscovered because the platform was always there. It took a healthy dose of patriotic caffeine provided by the Tea to clear their eyes so they could see it. The GOP has always been and should continue to be the party of the people, a conservative party that stands up for limited government, strong national defense, and a shot at prosperity for all.

This platform is anathema to the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi agenda that’s designed to weaken America and usher in a new era of 2nd world status for our people. With the historic 2010 elections, Republicans were given a second chance to live up to their conservative roots and be the party that will once again fight to keep our light of freedom ablaze for all the world to see.  But they must be willing to do something that up until this point they’ve been unwilling to do: beat the president at his own game.

The GOP ought to adopt the “Spaghetti Strategy.” Republicans now control the purse strings in the House of Representatives. They have increased power in the Senate. Though they do not have a majority, they do have a crop of so-called moderate Democrats. Experience tells us there is no such thing. These so-called moderates were all too willing to sell America into socialism when their socialist president was popular and they were not up for re-election. In 2012, that’s not the case. Many of these Democrats are up for re-election. And in typical Democrat fashion, they’ll be motivated in saving their own hides and distancing themselves from their leftist president.

Republicans ought to use the next two years to send cost-cutting, government-reducing, pro-American legislation to the president’s desk. They ought to do it weekly! The conservative pasta should fly now. If the pasta sticks, meaning if the president signs them into law, great! America wins and the 20% of Americans, Obama’s base, who identify themselves as liberals lose. If the pasta doesn’t stick, or Obama uses the veto pen, great! The 80% of Americans who do not identify themselves as liberal galvanize in further opposition to this president, making it likely he sees only one term. This is only one part of the strategy. We will need to have more cooks in the kitchen if America is to survive Mr. Obama’s first term.

The president has begun to use his office to impose his policies on the American people. He failed to win support from our elected branch of government for his more controversial plans. So Mr. Obama has begun utilizing his appointees to cram his book-learned policies down America’s throats. It doesn’t seem to matter to him that left-wing policies have never succeeded in creating prosperity anywhere on Earth they are tried. He pushes ahead anyway. The power grabs we’ve seen from the FCC (net neutrality), Medicare (“death panels”), and the EPA (imposing economically destructive cap and trade) are just the beginning. With the recent recess appointment of James Cole to the deputy attorney general post, the American people can be assured we’ll continue to see the appointment of left-wing lackeys into key positions within our government.

To go against the president on these appointments and polices is a fool’s errand. His accomplices in the press will provide the president with all the cover he needs. To date, the American press has shown little interest in vetting these people or their polices. Why should the people expect the fourth estate to behave any differently in the next two years? The GOP should target the appointees themselves. Every time one of these stooges tries to implement a controversial policy, they ought to be dragged in front of a congressional committee. They ought to be made to answer for their actions on a weekly basis if necessary. The policies they are imposing on the American people are grave and far-reaching. They ought to be made to justify them in front of the people’s elected representatives.  And they ought to be made to do so every time they try and implement one of those controversial policies.

I can remember the early days of the Obama presidency. It was very difficult to keep track of the constant left-wing barrage of policies, laws, and appointees. Complicated and massive 2,700 page bills were designed to hide the president’s intentions until it was too late. But the people found out his intentions and elected a Congress to oppose the Obama agenda. Today, the Republican Party says they’ve learned their lesson. They say they will listen to “We the People.” We’ll see. But wouldn’t it be grand if the GOP’s words end up being true?  It would mean that the people finally have their advocates in positions of power. And if that’s the case, the shouts toward the White House would ring, “It’s America’s turn, Mr. President.” We’ll now see how you like playing defense for two years.  Who knows, in an unguarded moment, the TV cameras may catch a glimpse of you as you realize that America will not give up without fighting your dark designs and agenda.

You might start to feel as we have felt these last few years; you know that sick feeling in your stomach? We got it when we realized how your policies were designed to harm our country. You will get it when you realize that all of your socialist dreams for America or the dreams of your father for America are crumbling under the weight of a renewed American patriotism. If the GOP can deliver, it will be a rather delicious irony.  The American people would finally have a chance to impose something on you for a change, Mr.  President.