Election Day Live Blog/Open Thread - 'If you get a majority, then you've got a majority'

4:51 – Still watching MSNBC.  It is the “place for politics,” or at least it was until it decided its mission was to “lean forward.”  Chris Matthews’ analysis today exhibits its typical brilliance.  He just said something to the effect of “If you get a majority of Republicans and a majority of Democrats to agree, then you’ve got a majority.”  I’m betting that he went all the way to Calculus with that math acumen.  The devil’s in the details, as always.  I’m also betting that the Manuel character from Fawlty Towers would probably deliver just as keen an analysis as Matthews.

We’ve gotten a report of shenanigans out of VA-5, which is the race that our Battle blogger there, Mary Beth Niemeyer, has been covering.  It involves an unguarded campaign office and the illicit distribution of poll information.  The allegation is against the Republican in that race.

4:04 – Our allies at the Tea Party legal hotline are reporting sporadic voter issues:

We are seeing some cases of poll watchers who were not allowed to view the “zero count” on balloting machines when the polls opened.  The only reason not to allow a poll watcher to see the “zero count” would be if one was guilty.

We have had some sporadic instances of Tea Party voters being told they could not wear their non-partisan pin while voting.

Most of the issues by far have been mechanical malfunctions with more high-tech voting machines.  For instance, many optical scanners have been faulty and thus forcing election officials to move to less secure back-up plans for counting ballots.

Gary Marx
Project Director
Tea Party Poll Watchers Project Director, powered by Let Freedom Ring

Their number is 1-877-611-VOTE.

American Majority’s Voter Fraud App is also picking up reports of vote issues around the country.  You can check those out, and download the app if you’ve yet to vote, here.

2:31 – Take a good look at the image above.  It was snapped in a polling place, specifically Robert Forbuss Elementary School in Las Vegas, according to our emailer.  It’s a school, so you do expect to see pics of the President.  But it’s a polling place, and they should’ve taken it down for the day.  As for the pic as a motivator, well, if it had been hanging where I voted, it would have steeled up my resolve to vote against every single Democrat I could possibly vote against.

The earlier report about the high school in San Antonio busing students over to another school to vote appears to have checked out.  It happened.

2:13 – Coons laments the lack of Democrat turnout in Delaware.  And just heard on MSNBC, rough quote “The Democrats in Pennsylvania are turning out their 2008 voters, they’re just not sure that they’re voting for the Democrat this time.”

2:01 – I wonder whether there’s an Obama admin shake-up in the wings, here.  Peggy Noonan was just on MSNBC with Tom Brokaw, and they both were talking about whether the Tea Party and establishment Republicans will be able to get along.  They’re both missing what’s likely to happen after today’s vote, which is a civil war between the Democrats’ progressive and centrist wings. Now Peggy is looking to see “Obama the realist.”  Heh, I guess there’s a first time for everything.

By the way, there’s been a Hulk sighting.

12:35 – More election shenanigans involving unions and Harry Reid.  The Democrats really have become little more than the political arm of organized labor under the Obama-Reid-Pelosi axis.

11:38 – Heh, the DNC’s doomsday talking points hit the streets a little early today.  No surprise, they’re still attacking the “Republicans used groups with undisclosed donations” line, even though that’s the single most hypocritical line they could possibly take.

11:22 – J. Christian Adams wonders whether Corine Brown’s campaign will get zapped by the FEC for offering coupons to people who vote.  Taking the Harry Reid food offers into account, giving away free food for votes is starting to look like a national Democratic strategy.

11:14 – Gallup has just released its final voter enthusiasm poll.  If you’re looking for a wave, it’s here: The GOP’s enthusiasm gap advantage is a staggering 19 points.

The high level of Republican enthusiasm has led to the largest gap in enthusiasm by party of any recent midterm elections, 19 percentage points. The prior highs were nine points in favor of the Democrats in 2006, and nine points in favor of the Republicans in 1994.

The party with the advantage in enthusiasm has won the greater share of the national congressional vote, and gained seats in the House, each election year since Gallup began tracking voter enthusiasm in 1994.

63-44.  The forecast calls for Tea-nami.

10:50 – We’ve had our first report of election shenanigans.  It’s from San Antonio, and the report is that Wagner High School is busing students to vote, on class time, to a nearby elementary school.  We’re looking into it.  If you haven’t already, check out our Voter Fraud Watch page and if you see something, say something.

10:20 – The other night I watched the awful flick, “2012.”  It gave me ideas…  Whatever you do today, “Be The Wave.”

10:04 – Charlie Cook has released his final report, which projects a GOP takeover of 50 to 60 seats in the House and a Senate pickup of 6 to 8.

8:32Why you should vote, courtesy Disrupt the Narrative.  Here’s just part of their list:

  • Democrats called you racist tea baggers.
  • Democrats called you ‘THE ENEMY”.
  • Democrats bankrupted Fannie and Freddie and blamed YOU.
  • Democrats stole your car companies and gave them to their union friends.
  • Democrats will let your tax rate go up automatically on Jan. 1.

8:18 – The WSJ reports that there’s pressure on Obama now to shake up his staff.  Isn’t that already happening?  His chief of staff is gone, headed to Chicago to run for major.  Several of his top circle are gone.  Axelrod is out to go run the 2012 campaign.  The complaining Democrats still don’t seem to get that the staff and the message aren’t the problem.  The President is the problem.

8:15 am (all times Central) – The Rally to Restore Hipster Mediocrity and/or Violate Free Speech has had at least one positive effect: Keith Olbermann may discontinue his “Worst Person in the World” feature.

7:50 am – It’s game day.  This is the day the voters have the chance to stop Obama.  It’s the day we get our restraining order.  The polls are open just about everywhere and the weather looks like it won’t be a factor in most places.  While we await solid numbers, a prediction of what the Democrats can look forward to.


In terms of numbers, I look for the GOP to pick up about 63 seats in the House, 8 or 9 in the Senate, and to establish a solid majority among governorships.  I’ll be live blogging here as the day rolls out.

A couple of reasons the Democrats will take a beating today: Obviously, they not only passed bills that the American people opposed, their dear leader acted like an Alinskyite oaf as his party’s numbers deteriorated.  Now, he says he “probably” shouldn’t have called his political opponents “enemies.”  Ya think? People tend to notice if, on the one hand, you’re deferential to Hugo Chavez, while on the other hand, you describe fellow Americans as “enemies.”  It tends to stick.  The question is, does this President have the capacity to see these kinds of problems before he steps in them?  Based on his far left background and his tenure so far, I say no.  If he learns to triangulate, it won’t happen quickly, and will only happen after he’s zapped himself a few more times.

I’m enjoying watching Morning Joe at the moment.  Joe Klein lamented the fact that the Democrats passed a bunch of bills and then ran away from them.  Joe Scarborough pointed out that the polls on those bills weren’t exactly healthy, and reminded Klein that his own magazine is worth a dollar, which is more than Klein’s advice was worth.

It’s going to be an interesting day.  And by “interesting,” I mean “awesome.”