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BREAKING: Possible Triple Murder in Austin, Texas: Suspect May Be Illegal Alien with Record of Deportation

Austin police and the Travis County sheriff’s office are investigating a potential triple murder in east Travis County, Texas.  Among the dead are Edward Stout, 67, who was shot in the back of the head, and Carla Alvizo and her 7-year-old son, both of whom died of “multiple injuries” according to the APD. All three had been reported missing earlier this week.  Stout was discovered in a house on Burleson Manor Road in the county, while Alvizo and the young male were discovered in a house on J.J. Seabrook, just off Manor Road within Austin.  The two sites are roughly 10-15 miles apart.

The suspect in all three killings is Marco Antonio Garcia.  Police say that Garcia did odd jobs for Stout, and lived with Alvizo, who was his girlfriend.

According to the Travis County sheriff’s office, Garcia is in custody in the Travis County Jail, facing charges including capital murder and robbery.  More are likely.  Authorities were able to track him because he was using credit cards stolen from Mr. Stout.

According to one APD officer I spoke with today, Garcia is an illegal alien who has been deported before.  KVUE has reported that on the air, but hasn’t updated their online story yet.  A quick check of the Travis County Jail’s web site shows that there is an INS hold on him, meaning he is suspected of being here illegally.  See the image below.

So our porous border appears to have claimed more lives, this time deep in the heart of Texas.