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Large Democratic Donors Help Shut Down July 4 Atlanta Tea Party

A real estate company whose owners have contributed heavily to Democratic causes apparently used articles and content on conservative blogs to justify bringing about pressure to shut down an Atlanta tea party protest scheduled for the Fourth of July — an event that organizers estimated would attract 20,000 people.

The apparent plot was uncovered when blogger and radio talk show host Andrea Shea King noticed an unusual amount of traffic coming to her site earlier this month.

On Jun 16, Andrea Shea King emailed me, questioning a heavy burst of Sitemeter traffic coming from Simon.com. She included screencaps of the traffic, two of which are reproduced below (click to enlarge).

The amount of time Simon.com visitors spent on King’s site was extraordinary, both in the depth at which the visitors mined the site (20 to 44 pages each) and in duration (22 to 55 minutes each). It was also interesting in terms of the number of unique URLs, or concurrent visitors from that domain.

Obviously, they were very interested in the content of The Radio Patriot.

Andrea got in touch with me because one of the many pages the Simon.com visitors visited on her site was a March 1 blog posting called “Confederate Yankee: Lexington Green.” That blog post on Andrea’s site linked to a lengthy post of my own, “History Repeating,” a story about the shortage of certain firearms and ammunition in this country since the 2008 presidential election and why the shortage may exist.

My post concluded:

Many people are buying significant amounts of ammunition for their personal supply, from thousands to tens of thousands of rounds each, to one person who claims to have built a stockpile over the past decade of three-quarters of a million rounds that seems too fantastic to believe.

Most claim they are building a reserve in anticipation of ammunition prices continuing to rise. Another significant component is buying ammunition as a hedge against uncertain times, both as an investment and as security measure.

But an increasing number of people are openly expressing that the reason they are stocking up on ammunition is that they fear the actions of our federal government. These are people who have never been radicals, most could generally care less about politics, and many have never even dreamed of owning guns until now.

And while it will no doubt come as a surprise to those who would like to perpetrate the stereotype of gun owners as rural and uneducated — the kind that bitterly cling to their guns and Bibles as someone once scornfully said — anecdotal evidence suggests many new gun owners are minorities, and all social classes are purchasing firearms and ammunition.

While we seem to have a tea party movement growing nationwide as people voice their dissatisfaction with our power-mad, spending-crazed government by calling on the symbolism of the acts of Patriots in Boston Harbor more than two hundred years ago, I suspect those protests are hiding a deeper resentment and fears about the competency and goals of our federal leaders.

If our government continues to make citizens feel abused, and makes an over-aggressive miscalculation in asserting their power — certainly possible with our fumbling attorney general who was part of the Clintonian Justice Department management nightmare under Reno — tea parties will be the least of their worries.

They should be more concerned they are convincing many Americans to prepare for Lexington Green.

At the time, I was unsure of what all the traffic from Simon.com could have meant — the kind of digital body language you can garner from a few pages of Sitemeter stats is only so deep. I suggested to Andrea that perhaps they were simply prospective advertisers checking her site for content before submitting an ad.

I greatly miscalculated.

It seems that the interest of those from Simon.com — Simon Property Group — was far more prurient and political in nature. The July 4 Atlanta tea party protest was just shut down because of pressure from a Simon property, Gwinnett Place Mall, according to this article in the American Thinker.

The article also reveals that Melvin and Bren Simon have donated significant amounts of money to Democratic candidates and Democratic organizations.

It seems only logical to conclude that the Simons aren’t above using their company’s monetary clout to stifle the opposing political speech of thousands of Georgians who aren’t enthralled with the tax-and-spend policies of our present administration.

Apparently, they don’t like the messages we send.