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ObamaCare Rocks the Dolt Vote!

How shallow is your average leftist? From time immemorial the question has tormented conservatives. Conformist pap like “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” and “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” are mottos so empty and devoid of substance that they could only have originated from the port side of the spectrum. Our opponents’ unsavory lightness of thinking makes them little more than attention magnets who compete with one another to see who can come up with the most superficial way of analyzing policy issues. Depth is irrelevant to the faithful. Their minds are fixed upon a utopia that can never arrive. The notion of half a loaf is unacceptable. Why should it be when one anticipates heaven on earth?

Given their sanctimoniousness, it’s not surprising that the health care bill failed to titillate some devout leftists. One would presuppose that the eminent peril to our liberty contained in its language would have produced euphoria in control freaks everywhere.

Yet some true believers remain dissatisfied. It seems they were sold out. Paradise cannot arrive via alliance with “Big Pharma.”

One coat-and-tie radical over at MSLSD defended his right to be unhappy about the compromised legislation, proclaiming, “You do not want to live in a country where there is no one analyzing anything from a purist position.”

Actually, I do and I’m probably not the only one. Many of us (known as “adults”) comprehend that nothing involving humans can ever be “pure” and a U.S. devoid of impractical idealists would be a serious upgrade over the status quo.

Just how catastrophic the health care bill will be is unknowable at present. However, in light of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s legalistic attempt to make it irrevocable and outside the purview of future Congresses, the smart money is on complete disaster.

Thanks to Scott Brown’s magnificent victory in Massachusetts, the Democrats will certainly have to modify their game plan, but there is no question that they will never give up.

Rest assured the Democrats will get something done. Believing otherwise is fantastic and amounts to trusting Nancy Pelosi, which is a mistake under any circumstances. Indeed, the speaker of the House stated that Brown’s arrival in the Senate would only influence “how we would proceed but it doesn’t mean we won’t have a health care bill.”

With Democrats, it’s all about power and when the rules fail to favor your side you press to change them. They still may try reconciliation and manipulating the process to allow for its passage with only 51 votes.

Yet whatever is passed and foisted upon the American people, the sizable contingent of drones and indoctrinated youths whose coordinated ignorance propelled Barack Obama into our highest office will be pleased by the news. How could they not be? It’s a win for their guy.

On the surface — the place where members of the species Democratus emoticus usually swim — the health care debate comes down to sentiment. Feeling is their argument.

Desires for “reform” (read: government degradation of existing services) buoy them and affirm that they’re good while we’re bad. Again, it illustrates their holiest truth: they care and we don’t.

The great conservative genius Thomas Sowell elucidates this axiom in the pages of his latest masterpiece, Intellectuals and Society:

But to be for “social justice” and “saving the environment” or to be “anti-war” is more than just a set of beliefs about empirical facts. This vision puts you on a higher moral plane as someone concerned and compassionate, someone who is for peace in the world, a defender of the downtrodden, and someone who wants to preserve the beauty of nature and save the planet from being polluted by others less caring. In short one vision makes you special and the other does not.

Such a worldview oozes mechanically from leftists. One is more likely to hear original insight from an Asian carp than from a “hope and change” groupie. Thus, December spawned yet another monster.

With a sanctimoniousness that is eternal, some C-list members of the glitterati donated their time to producing a bobble-headed public service announcement (PSA) entitled “Rock the Vote on Health Care.”

This clip proved every bit as vapid as the last. What else can we expect from those who deem “Yes we can!” a profundity? The effort is politics for the discombobulated created by the non-entities of the self-esteem generation.

Given that the heinous health care bill managed to pass the Senate in December shortly after the video’s release, these Hollynards undoubtedly feel vindicated for our now being threatened by the Damocles Sword that is ObamaCare.

The theme behind the PSA is that “the personal is political” (yawn). Obama flunkies are advised to ostracize those who disagree with them about America’s need to nationalize its health care.

How should they sway their peers? Via debate? Never! Logical argumentation is for non-Prada-wearing members of the population only.

The plebes must emulate their TMZ heroes and refuse to have sex with their loved ones, acquaintances, and/or assorted strangers until the rest of us learn to stop worrying and love the Leviathan’s confiscation of one-sixth of our economy.

That the dim leftists vow “to never f*** you if you’re against us” may despair those readers of PajamasMedia.com who had “contract syphilis and gonorrhea” down as New Year’s resolutions, but, as with most leftist premises, this one is fallacious.

Politics is only personal if you’re a self-absorbed freak. The rest of us intuit that what assists us does not necessarily benefit the nation.

Senator Ben Nelson and hisCornhusker kickback” are an excellent case in point. That Nebraska at the moment, unlike every other state, is scheduled to have its health care costs paid by the federocracy did not impress its citizens.

Contrary to what the PSA would predict, Nebraskans were outraged and reacted negatively to the bizarre concession, as it embodies everything that is wrong with Washington, D.C.

Further, no analysis is made in terms of whether or not nationalized health care would be worth its cost. No reasons are given for its efficacy, as facts entirely — particularly the impending bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security — are ignored by these actors.

The only thing that even resembles an argument here is that we should back this legislation because “two-thirds of young Americans without health insurance don’t get treatment because of cost.”

Well, why don’t they? No justification is provided. Poor people in this demographic are already covered by Medicaid, while many of the better-off under age 18 are the beneficiaries of SCHIP.

I too was once a member of that demographic. Years ago I had what was termed “emergency insurance.” This meant that I had a very large deductible and it only went into effect if I got hit by a truck or faced another catastrophic situation.

Yes, it was far from ideal but I was satisfied with the arrangement. Of course, had a “free” (sic) government policy been offered, I would have accepted it.

However, despite being a callow and feckless youth, I still would have felt unease over a choice between paying for LeviathanCare and going to jail. No doubt many twentyish citizens would feel the same way if they took the time to read the bill’s particulars.

Confusing “free” with ossified bureaucratic offerings is forgivable, as lacking experiential knowledge is the essence of youth, but trendy leftists cannot be forgiven for their outright lies about the bill’s specifics.

These overexposed would-be stars deliberately serve deception to the ignorant. The only thing they want to “teach” is that the government will always provide.

Many conservatives express wonderment over the need to refute bits of political indoctrination like this goofy fluff. They deem PSAs like these below their attention spans but are incorrect in their assumptions.

They would be wise to remember that more Americans get their “news” from satirical sources than from legitimate journalistic endeavors. We must take this tripe seriously and respond or pap is all that is ever heard.

We must not forget that the American people elected President Barack Obama in 2008 based on gibberitic slogans like “Hope and change” and “Change we can believe in.”

The emergence of Scott Brown in Massachusetts electrified conservatives, but Obama’s emotional, stylistic irrelevancies swayed a majority of the electorate. His inauguration is precisely why our republic faces dire circumstances.

We must fight the left where they are and from where they seek to indoctrinate. These celebutards replicate within La Brea passion pits that most of us shudder to enter, but it is within these nether regions that we must engage, ridicule, and defeat them.