In His Narcissist's 'Service'

Was it not Franklin Delano Roosevelt who originally pondered, “Why should 9/11 be a day of infamy when it can instead be a moment to learn how to organize your community and practice social work?” Well, if not him, then another Democratic Party politician, President Barack Obama -- America’s Alpha Centauri -- certainly implied it by signing legislation in April to rename the anniversary of the dastardly attacks on this country as a “National Day of Service and Remembrance.” Yes, from now on, each year we are advised to recall not the evil of our foes, but rather the importance of doing “good deeds” and cherishing “the spirit of service, tolerance, and compassion.”

This is foolhardy for numerous reasons. Obviously, what makes for a good deed depends upon how corrupted you are by our new dispensation. No doubt blasting Osama bin Laden deep into the catacombs of a Waziristan cave is not to be the type of Samaritan act appreciated by those elites who believe in hope as opposed to reality.

Yesterday we strove to defeat, but today we dawdle to assist. Not only will we serve … we will Yet another government website/bureau was forged with the purposes of getting the general public to donate not only their money but also their time to the Obama administration.

Toxicities like are inevitable given the current occupant of the White House’s fetish for titles, status, and URLs (think and

This particular neo-agency ordained that September 11 should be used to find “a volunteer opportunity in your neighborhood or download tools to create your own project with family and friends.”

Our president confirmed such an interpretation in a speech “in honor of those lost” at the Pentagon. He lobbied for us to “serve our communities” while insisting that the real lesson of the event is to note “the human capacity for good.”

This is absurd and also disturbing. Admirable and noble incidents of heroism -- of which there were no shortage on 9/11 -- are not what we should remember most, as the labors of the truly wicked made the slaughter possible.

Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, recognized this eventuality. He duly compensated the villains who toppled the World Trade Center towers by decimating their ranks and terrifying their sympathizers.

In juxtaposition, our 44th president is so eager to deemphasize the gauche “war on terrorism” that he renamed it an “overseas contingency operation.”

Obviously, if you can bureaucratize a “war” into an “operation,” then alchemizing a memorial into the job corps is but a stroll across Martha’s Vineyard. Words are very important to deceivers and a deceiver is precisely what President Obama has been since his initial arrival upon the national stage.

As with everything involving The One, things are never what they seem. The recent glamorization of “service” and the method by which the concept is being used to bastardize history call to mind a bit of cultural effluvia known as the “I Pledge” video.

How quickly we forget those headless days of January 2009 and the great time we all had laughing at the spectacle of shallow Hollywood A/B/C-list celebrities confusing enviro-New Age-statist-control freak mumbo jumbo with profundities.

Most of their overproduced drivel was innocuous as the glitterati promise to be more green (yawn), flush less (eek!), mentor others, stop giving people the finger (seriously), and cut down on plastic bag use.