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The American Freedom Alliance Asks: Is Real News Dead?

Is the real news dead?

Some might declare it a superfluous question: they say the news is long dead, already a rotting corpse with very little left to remind us of its earthly existence.

Certainly the last decade has seen very significant changes in the way we hear, read, and see the news. But while the rise of internet sources and the development of social media might be transforming the way we receive information, the question remains: is any of it making the news more reliable or believable?

That is exactly the issue that will be addressed at the American Freedom Alliance’s upcoming conference, Is the Real News Dead?, taking place at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, on June 13 and 14. Over one and half days, panelists drawn from a variety of media and political perspectives will discuss and debate vital questions about the reliability of the news we receive from all sources.

The conference topics themselves are provocative and demanding: Are news organizations in crisis? Who owns the media? Who owns or will own the alternative media? What is the role of celebrity in shaping or influencing the news? What are news services’ true priorities?

The panels will be composed of bloggers, journalists, newscasters, and commentators drawn from all political orientations, and will feature film screenings as well as keynote presentations.

Among the 30 participating speakers and presenters will be commentator Hugh Hewitt, filmmaker Robert Greenwald, talk show host John Ziegler, and blogger Brad Friedman. Several Pajamas Media personalities will also be on hand, including Roger Simon, Ed Driscoll, Stephen Green, Owen Brennan, and Sonja Schmidt.

Registration is $200 for a full day of panels and activities, and includes lunch and a 200-page source book. The books of many of the participating speakers will be available for sale.

Whether you believe that the news is dead, on life support, or a throbbing, thriving powerhouse of truth and veracity, this is a conference you will not want to miss.

Find details here, or call the AFA office at (310) 444-3085.