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The New Hostage Crisis

As an Iranian filmmaker living in Los Angeles who knows a bit more about the way that the Iranian Regime strategizes than the U.S. media, I offer this analysis of the true intentions behind Monday’s talks between the US and Iran.

The purpose behind the talks for the Iranian regime is singular. It is to ensure the existence of the Islamic government for another quarter century via a guarantee from America. Similarly, the intent behind the Islamic Republic’s development of nuclear weapons, and the negotiations about same, is also to force the US to give its guarantee not to attempt regime change in Iran for the same amount of time.

If the method looks familiar, it should. It is exactly the same as the IRI employed when the US tried to free its hostages from the hands of Khomeini’s terrorist government in 1980 via the Algiers Accords.

Remember that “hostage crisis” from the old 20th century? It is happening again. If America goes through with it, it has made itself the hostages. And Iraq is where it will be held.

In the current talks, America appears the weaker party. By requesting these talks through official channels, the US created an excellent opportunity for the mullahs to brag about their strength while illuminating America’s weakness in Iraq. The line being peddled by Iran is that a superpower like the “imperialist government of America” is begging their “godly” Islamic regime to sit down and negotiate.

Contrary to Iranian propaganda, which pretends the Islamic regime is stronger than ever on both national and international levels, the reality is that they are in the worst shape they have ever experienced since they took power more than 28 years ago. And their greatest enemy is neither the US nor other foreign powers. The strongest threat comes from inside.

The Islamic Republic of Iran consists of two factions. One is the so-called reformists, who are trying to take back power. The other is the hardline Ahmadinejad government which holds power and is desperately trying to cement it throughout the country.

Which of these two Irans should America make a deal with? Neither.

America should instead ask itself what has been the Islamic government of Iran’s contribution to the world over the past 28 years – besides terror toward its own people (particularly women) and the people of other countries, lies and instability. These “contributions” are the product of both factions in Iran. It does not matter whether it is the “reformer” Khatami or the fundamentalist Ahmadinejad. That is like choosing between two Mafia families.

It is disappointing that US Secretary of State Rice mentioned in Sharm-al-Sheikh that the US has no plan for regime change in Iran. Let us hope that she did not mean what she said.

Contrary to the party line of the mullahs’ apologists in the US, Iran is not Iraq. The American government needs to be reminded of this.

If any people is ready for an infrastructural change with total understanding of the possible consequences, it is the great people of Iran. Change in Iran is almost inevitable and long overdue. If the US authorities would take this simple fact into account, then the solution would be easier than it appears.

I am convinced that a friendly and sincere hand of support could spark the whole country to rise up against the tyranny and Islamic despotism, victoriously.

The Iranian people often compare the behavior of the mullahs to the behavior of the fox – always lying, never to be trusted. Although bending the truth is nothing new in politics, the mullahs are masters of the art and have raised it to new levels. They live by deception and rule with an iron fist.

They have no problem in eliminating thousands of citizens, as they did in 1988, when they slaughtered more than 10,000 Iranians http://www.americanthinker.com/2004/09/the_1988_iran_massacre_crimes.html in the opposition at the notorious Evin Prison and elsewhere in one night.

Imagine killing 10,000 chickens at once. Imagine the smell of blood, the unbearable scene of the bloody bodies, the task of moving them and the thought of having committed such an unbearable act.

These are the mullahs of the Islamic Republic. Making any deal with them would be a menace to humanity and a black mark in the annals of American history