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The Leftist World Council of Churches and the Jews

Get used to it my fellow Jews, the World Council of Churches hate you. These empty-church clergy with their theology that turns Jesus into a mere symbol, they hate you. Even though they have rewritten Jesus as symbol and transformed the Bible to metaphor, your existence is the greatest obstacle to their newest version of replacement theology.

Why are you still here among them?

This is why the World Council of Churches (the “Bern Perspective“) in 2008 translated even your history into a metaphor.  The World Council of Churches now says that references to the Israelites of the Bible are only metaphoric references.

No Israelites, no Jesus, no temple, no wailing wall, no relationship between you and the land of your ancestors. Unable to exterminate you, they now have declared you a bastardized people, a people without lineage, without ancestors. You are no longer the people of the Bible. You are the people who have stolen the metaphoric and ethereal references of the newly interpreted book of allegories.

Every time you dig in Jerusalem and find an aquifer where the Bible says it should be, you stand in the way of their New Age enlightenment. Every time you make a reference to something in the Bible that is still there, you interfere with their transformation of God into … what? “The Force?”

How else can you explain their continuing obsession with you? Of all the problems in the world, of all the conflicts between people, your presence on a tiny plot of land no bigger than the Chicago metropolitan area is their primary obsession.  Even though you are surrounded by hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims committed to wiping you off the face of the planet, anything you do to defend yourself these clergy denounce as “excessive.”

Of what little you have, you have offered sizable portions of land for peace. And it is never enough. At Camp David and again at Taba, you offered your own security for peace. And it was rejected, thank God.  But you get no recognition from the World Council of Churches for such sacrifices for peace. You will always be the obstacle.

Whatever you offer will not be enough unless you offer yourself up for extinction. This is why the World Council of Churches obsesses about the return of millions of so-called Palestinian “refugees” — refugees who have never lived in your land. For the first time in the history of humanity, refugees are now defined by the third and fourth generation. Why? So they can enter your gates and use your democracy or their suicide bombers to destroy you.

You, of course, remember how active these clergy were in your defense when nearly a million of you, whose families had lived in the Muslim world before Mohammed, were kicked out in virtually a single night. You remember how they decried your dispossession, ran to their congregations seeking alms for your survival, and issued reports demanding justice for you. When Israel took you in at a time when there was not sufficient food in the country, they immediately created aid flotillas to prevent you from starving. You remember, don’t you?

Oh, you don’t remember that? You don’t because it didn’t happen.

You remember that  when you could still escape Hitler’s final solution, they joined in a massive voice, invoking then as they do now their “Christian compassion,” as they enunciate it,  for the oppressed, and demanded that Christian nations open their gates to your refugees.

You don’t remember that? Of course you don’t, because they decided it was better to send you back to Germany than to have more Jews among them.

The World Council of Churches has declared war on you: a war that is being fought from the pulpit, with reports and findings, with propaganda, with boycotts, divestment, and sanctions, but a war nonetheless — a war directed at your very existence.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called for a meeting with the president of the World Council of Churches asking for a cessation of this new wave of anti-Semitism, and noting that this propaganda only stirs the passions of anti-Semites and does not help the Palestinians an iota.

But what the good people at the Wiesenthal Center fail to comprehend is that the World Council of Churches already understands this. The campaign is not about improving the lot of the Palestinians. It is about using the Palestinian issue as a means of generating anti-Semitism. The World Council of Churches is not ignorant of where such a campaign might lead.

You can not be a good leftist today — even a Jewish leftist — without being an anti-Semite. There was a reason they called it “National Socialism.”

Of all the states on the planet that have a religious identity, only a Jewish state stands as anathema to the World Council of Churches, because a Jewish State can be, according to them, racist, unlike Muslim states, which are, as you know, pluralistic, tolerant, and liberal democracies.

And if you are so naïve, like some of your effete intellectuals and your obsequious leftist rabbis — who never saw a position of the leftist Protestant clergy that they couldn’t embrace — to think this is only about Israel, then ask yourself this one simple question:

If Israel were simply another Muslim state and not a Jewish state, and all the conditions “on the ground” were the same, would the World Council of Churches be obsessing about it, at Christmas — what they now refer to as the Holiday Season — no  less?