Hi everyone.

First, my apologies to those people whose comments had been withheld for approval this past week. I only now got to them. I have no idea why WordPress holds some comments and releases most of the others, but I can tell you what a torrent of spam I have to deal with daily, and I’m afraid some legitimate comments were held for far too long. Again, my apologies.


I’ve been absolutely consumed this week and last with my next Afterburner subject. It will not be the deepest thing I have done yet, but it might be the most fun and WITHOUT QUESTION it is the most technically challenging.  It will have a cast (I think) and I can ALMOST promise that it will feature one of my celebrity friends — whose face you may not know but whose work you probably do.  The only two hints you get are: 1.) Costumes are being fitted, and 2.) go to YouTube and search for “International Talk Like William Shatner Day.”

Downstream, after this next Afterburner I am hoping to convince my Insect Overlords to try a new-format video. If I succeed, I hope to do an entire book as a series of video essays, with the book as a hard-copy transcript. More on that after I finish Epic Costume Afterburner.

Many have asked about links to the old Silent America essays. I am working on that as well. So much to do! But they will be back and have their own sidebar, and I’ll get to that as soon as I finish the more pressing stuff.

I have about a third of THE REPUBLIC OF EMOTION finished. That, and the Global Warming essay, will be the final installments of my second book, which I am calling SEEING THE UNSEEN: ADVENTURES IN CRITICAL THINKING.  The Boyd and Hiroshima essays will be included, as will WAR OF THE BUMPER STICKERS, the SEEING THE UNSEEN essays (obviously) and several other smaller works including THE UNDEFENDED CITY that originally appeared on National Review Online.  I hope to have that finished by the middle of summer.


And now I will format THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ATOMIC BOMBS. I’ll back-date that so it appears beneath this entry.

I have VERY high hopes for the next Afterburner. Don’t expect anything epic on the scale of the last one, but I do think you’ll get a kick out of it. Even if you don’t, I CERTAINLY will get a kick out of it.

More soon, and thanks, as always, for your patience and especially the very, very kind words, both in the comments and in your emails.


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