Arizona, the Role Model State

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s signature upon that state’s newly minted state immigration law rivaled Scott Brown’s Massachusetts Senate election win for the title of “Best Conservative Moment of 2010.” It convincingly corrected the federal government’s previous and unofficial policy of “We Won’t Ask, You Won’t Tell” in regards to the presence of illegal aliens in the United States. For most of us on the right, “Thank God for Arizona!” embodies all that need be said. Copper State politicians appear to be superior to those in every other jurisdiction. More inspiration emanated from the southwest shortly thereafter when Arizona’s legislature outlawed the teaching of revolution and ethnic supremacy in the public schools.


Specifically, “HB 2281 prohibits a school district or charter school from including courses or classes that either promote the overthrow of the United States government or promote resentment toward a race or class of people.”

The edict is obvious but (unfortunately) greatly needed. Moreover, heroism like this provides a blue print on how to roll back statist tyranny — step by step, politically correct tumor by politically correct tumor.

If Republicans on aggregate mimicked Arizona’s example it would not be long before we succeeded in taking our country back.

The left is terrified of this eventuality and an “Arizona contagion,” i.e., other states forging and passing similar reforms.

Democratic panjandrums realize that if conservatives learn how to fight assertively and creatively — and abandon their gentlemanly countenance — then their dreams of domination will be deader than Saul Alinsky.

HB 2281 is needed not only in Arizona but in every American classroom because it provides firm guidelines for what teachers can and cannot say. This is essential as within gray areas indoctrination thrives.

All U.S. citizens finance government schools via property and sales taxation. We do so in the belief that it will result not in reprogramming but in an education for the young.

Dedicating oneself to promoting a Mexican Reconquista, developing grievances against your homeland, and learning about the history of one group of people at the expense of another is not what the taxpayers envisioned.

Yet what radicals do in their classrooms is precisely the opposite of enlightenment. They “indoctrinate” or close the minds of students. Thus, it is in the interest of every sensible person to make sure that the pedagogy children receive is based on history and fact rather than leftist orthodoxy.


Atop any list of objectives for schooling is the need to prepare children for later life, but memorizing and parroting a neo-Marxist perspective only sabotages future success … unless a kid wants to become Reverend Al Sharpton.

Indeed, the guiltist political orientation of the millennial generation can be directly attributed to the shamebased proselytism they received in school.

While Arizona’s statute is confined to improving curriculums in school districts rather than universities (the greater fount of anti-American multicultural sludge), codifying that there is something foul about the promotion of “resentment toward a race or class of people” is a superb outcome.

Pseudo-liberals squealed like the bullies they are in response to the ethnic studies bill. To them, the regulation of anarchy in the classroom is no more welcome than controlling the U.S. border.

Some said that the move illustrated “anti-Latino hate” and apartheid. Thus, we should “Boycott Arizona-stan!

Even though Governor Brewer insisted on changes being made to the immigration law to decrease any possibility of racial profiling, her enemies still regard her as “a radical conservative, who unapologetically infringes on the rights of gays, women, and ethnic minorities.” Signing these laws proves that she is “out of control.”

Another leftist photo-shopped a picture of the governor before a Nazi blood-red flag while a peer cut-and-pasted the superintendent of schools into a Luftwaffe uniform.

How clever! Reductio ad Hitlerums from statist-socialists are about as rare as feminists demanding privilege, although Madame Speaker Pelosi should alert the Hitler referencing pundit about which side it is that bandies about the “swastikas.”


Former President Clinton should note his allies’ counter-attacks and then acknowledge that it is the left, and not the right, that needs to ratchet down the rhetoric.

Of course, his pals are as wrong about Arizona as they are about everything else. The immigration law has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with convincing illegals to return to their country of origin.

The bill’s language was non-controversial. It never claimed independence from Washington, D.C., but instead wished to cooperate in the “enforcement of federal immigration laws throughout all of Arizona.”

So careful were the legislators to be inoffensive that they included under acceptable forms of ID “a tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification.”

Due to their inability to construct logical arguments, leftists intentionally misrepresented the law and raised objections based on strawman fallacies like “let me see your papers.” They hoped that such lies would cause people to envision Klaus Barbie and the Gestapo in place of Arizona’s law enforcement officers.

To their immense disappointment, the bill happens to be perfectly fair and mentions neither “your papers” nor anything else correlating with the memoirs of Hans Bernd Gisevius.

With immigration, the left deceived and distorted in keeping with their established habits. Conservatives should learn from this and assume bad faith on the part of our opponents. Our job is not to accommodate, but instead to debunk hysterical claims.

Those of us appallingly familiar with Democratic scare tactics forget how bewildered normal civilians must be when comparing the terminology of these bills with how the left publicly dissembled them.


One Democratic state senator concluded that by enacting HB 2281 the legislature promoted “a politicized curriculum.” This is pure prevarication as politics is precisely what the bill outlaws.

The document clarifies: “The Legislature finds and declares that public school pupils should be taught to treat and value each other as individuals and not be taught to resent or hate other races or classes of people.”

Even the most ardent and skilled radical would have difficulty deriving oppression from that sentence or the ones that followed:

Prohibits a school district or charter school from including in its program of  instruction any courses or classes that: Promote the overthrow of the United States government. Promote resentment toward a race or class of people. Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group. Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.

Frankly, there is nothing dicey or questionable about these stipulations. This truth is precisely why the bill’s terms are dismissed with invective rather than refutation.

Teachers should teach. Political tutorials are the last thing we should accept from agents of the state. The left may shout “Nazis, fascists,” and “papers” at Arizona but the idea of government sponsored ideology for youth is straight out of the 1930s.

We have enough polarization and bifurcation along ethnic lines in America already. Let’s follow Arizona’s example and even improve on it by getting rid of hyphens altogether. Every citizen, be he taupe, white, magenta, teal, black, or multi-chromatic, is an American first and foremost.


That the Arizona state superintendent wished to end this mindless division is noble and good. We could use another 49 educational magnates just like him.


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