A Modest Proposal, Redux

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

Try to morally square these two facts:

  • The FBI is by law granted carte blanche to lie to whomever it pleases in the pursuit of its own ends, ends which, we increasingly see, incidentally, have nothing to do with the dispensation of actual justice and much more to do with persecution of the state’s political opponents.
  • However, we, the commoners on this technocratic fiefdom, who supply the tax base for the FBI to suck off of, are subject to prosecution if we commit the grave sin of lying to the same FBI.

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Similarly, Congress can subpoena virtually anyone it likes, put them under oath, and then prosecute them for perjury if any lie can be proven. This process is sometimes used for legitimate purposes in the pursuit of truth and sometimes weaponized against political opponents by getting them on record and then hiring investigators to rifle through their testimonies in search of a lie.

On a daily basis, the government parades for the cameras an endless series of lying spokespeople disseminating propaganda to mostly compliant media on behalf of various appendages of state — the White House, State Department, Pentagon, etc.

I consume these proceedings not because I’m so naïve as to believe that we are going to get any real answers to any questions — the compliant lapdog media granted access hardly ever asks any real questions that would elicit any answers worth hearing anyway — but rather to monitor what line the government is currently running with on any given issue. If it’s a Democrat administration, the government line usually forecasts with military precision how the corporate state media will cover the same topics, which in turn it cemented into the official established narrative of the liberal hivemind. The White House podium, therefore — and to a lesser extent the Pentagon, State Department, etc. — is the epicenter of lies on everything from Racial Justice™ to the next Public Health™ scam to the next war the administration is fomenting.

Almost never does the spokescreature directly answer a question; the good ones craftily deflect on the fly and the not-so-good ones, like admitted diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre, immediately dive into their binders to consult their pre-written notes which in no way address the question asked. On the rare occasion they do answer the question asked, it’s almost always a brazen lie, usually easily disproven with minimal research.

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The entire point of these exercises — non-stop lie fests, insults to the American intelligence — is North Korean-style narrative-setting: the Dear Leader shoots 38-under-par on the golf course, the glorious defeat of the Imperialist capitalists is imminent, etc. The signal is much more intended for the corporate state media than it is for the average person, almost none of whom consume these sick spectacles.

All that to say: the American people have exercised excessive tolerance of this farce.

So let’s put them under oath. If propagandists like KJP are found to lie after being put under oath before every White House press affair, they should be prosecuted for perjury. If they refuse to answer the question as it’s asked, and there’s no legitimate national security or other reason not to do so, they should be held in contempt, obstruction of official proceedings, or some similar charge in the same way a non-compliant witness or defendant is.

The criminal and civil penalties, furthermore, should extend beyond the individual paid liar — who, after all, is a small and dispensable pawn in the grand scheme of things — to include all of the conspirators behind the scenes who help them craft their lies or, in the case of diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre, who simply write the lies wholesale before sending her out with them already fully written in her handy binder like a schoolgirl reading a book report for a book she never read.

I imagine that if such a new regime were instituted and actually enforced by a Department of Justice with the fortitude and wherewithal, we’d see a marked shift in these proceedings in favor of some truth seeing the light of day.


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