KJP vs. English: White House Diversity Hire's Reading Problem

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The White House’s admitted diversity hire, Karine Jean-Pierre — who embodies the Holy Social Justice™ Trinity as an LGBTQ+++™ ethnic immigrant — is objectively not good at her job, to put it diplomatically.


Her painful press briefings are tours de force in the mutilation of the English language. The things this woman does to grammar, if language were human, would be war crimes.

Listening to her recent Feb 23 press briefing, the question occurred to me: does the White House actually transcribe KJP obscenities into print in its official transcripts?

Amazingly, it does. I assumed they would clean up the mess for her so as to protect the fiction that she’s competent, but, to their credit, they put all of her cringest errors in the public domain.

KJP’s greatest weaknesses are pronunciation of proper nouns, prepositional phrases, and subject-verb agreement.

Via Whitehouse.gov, here are just a select few of KJP’s myriad crimes against English in a single briefing:

“When it comes to that, any negotiation — and we’ve said this numerous of times — nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine.” [emphasis added]

“Some House Republicans were in Ukraine themselves meeting with President Zelenky…” [emphasis added]

” And — and that is why the attacks that we are seeing on — on Secretary Buttigieg is — is really just in bad faith.” [emphasis added]

“That’s why you’ve seen the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator on the ground.  That’s why you’re seeing Secretary Buttigieg on the ground, providing that support.  And not just those two agencies, other agencies as well, making sure that the East Palestine community are getting what they need at this difficult time.” [emphasis added]


Again, these represent a tiny fraction of KJP’s error-riddled Feb 23 press briefing; getting through every sentence she reads off of her notecards is a slog. Check the whole thing out for yourself if you’re into masochism.

This worksheet here on present-tense subject-verb agreement is for third-graders. Could Karine Jean-Pierre pass it?

For just $1, the White House staff could teach her to read. And it’s risk-free: “If your child isn’t reading after thirty days, Hooked on Phonics will refund 100% of your money!”

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