Vivek Ramaswamy Now a White Supremacist™ According to Democrat Party

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Vivek Ramaswamy, as a Person of Color™ who refuses to adhere to Social Justice™ dogma by dutifully assuming the role of permanent victim, really pushes the Democrat Party/corporate state media (one and the same entity) buttons.


Here is MSNBC siccing its #1 racist attack dog, longtime race grifter Al Sharpton — truly a one-trick pony — on Ramaswamy.

Similarly, here is possibly the dumbest member of Congress (arguably edging fellow top contender and astroturfed, pseudo-populist “Squad” member Ayanna Pressley) Jamaal Bowman (spelled with two A’s for presumably some extra ethnic flavor or whatever) attacking GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on the grounds that he (an Indian with brown skin) is something called a White Supremacist™.

Keep black women’s name out of your mouf* [sic], first of all. That’s number one. Number two, keep black people name [sic] out of your mouf [sic]. And instead of spewing hateful, disgusting ignorant, dumb**s rhetoric, how about you pay homage to the black people in this country that have fought and died for the freedoms you exercise today? How about you pay homage to the black people historically that have continued to save the soul of America and move America forward? How bout [sic] that? Instead of fitting it nicely into the pocket of the White Supremacists that you are… Keep a black woman’s name out [sic] your mouf [sic]. Keep black people’s name out [sic] your mouf [sic]… Have some respect, so that maybe you’ll be taken seriously one day.


Bowman is a darling of the corporate state media circuit, which is, of course, irrefutable proof that he is a fake populist and a sleazy grifter capitalizing on his skin color for clout and cash.

Here he is getting drooled over by former White House press secretary and current MSNBC propagandist (it’s the same job) Jen Psaki at the Rosa Parks Educational Campus.

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Real hard-hitting journalism, there, Jen. Way to hold a government official’s feet to the fire.


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