Black Voters Fleeing Democrat Plantation, Biden Regime Getting Desperate

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

There are two voting blocs that, barring the Democrats simply outright rigging the election, they absolutely must have in order to win: blacks and Zoomers/Millenials.


On the Zoomer front, as I covered yesterday at PJ Media, Joe Biden is hoping that re-scheduling weed from Schedule I to Schedule III will be enough to get them out to the polls, which shows how much the administration thinks of that demographic.

On the black front, amid an ocean of broken promises such as raising the minimum wage, instituting criminal justice reform, and “voting rights” legislation, it’s unclear what possible pitch could get black voters back on the Democrat plantation. Whatever one thinks of the merits of these policies, they were central campaign promises that the Brandon entity’s base expected him to deliver in office. The party and its nominal leader have been depleting their reservoir of support among blacks for several long months now.

So much for the infamous proclamation that if you don’t vote for Biden, “you ain’t black.”

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Via The Hill (emphasis added):

Democrats are stressing the need to appeal early to Black voters, a key voting bloc to President Biden in 2020 that is set to play an essential role in 2024.

Four years ago, many across the country were still mourning the murder of George Floyd and facing a reckoning over race and police brutality. Demands for change and accountability brought voting rights and criminal justice reform into the forefront, inspiring more outrage and activism nationwide.

While Biden has since touted major improvements for the Black community specifically, a divided Capitol Hill has put critical legislation at a standstill. And strategists now say Democrats need to show those same voters what the administration has done for them or risk low turnout numbers in November.


As I have noted before in the context of failing fake meat sales, which the vegans have blamed on a marketing failure, the mutual problem that advertisers and politicians have is that everything is a marketing problem to them, not a substantive one. They think so little of their consumers and constituents, respectively — and maybe they’re right to some extent — that if they can just find the right emotional buttons to push, they’ll win their vote. The problem, in their estimation, is never that what they’re selling is trash and their marks know it. It’s high past time for voters of all races to correct their delusions.


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