WATCH: Presumptuous, Presumably Illegal Aliens March, Demand 'Paid Job Training'

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

At the outset, let me just say that I don’t want this taken as an immigrant-bashing treatise. When it’s done properly, in manageable volumes, with well-screened applicants, and with an organized effort to assimilate, immigration has the potential to be a net benefit for any society.


Rather, this is about the men (or more likely women) behind the curtain driving mass immigration to the West that threatens, in my view, the long-term stability and viability of civilization itself — overwrought, though some might say, as that claim sounds.

This is how you know (aside from the English) that these signs were not written by the protesters and that, in all likelihood, none of this was any of their idea: they demand “paid job training.”

No immigrant whom I have ever known talks like this. They would take gladly any kind of job training, paid or not. They often work for sub-minimum wage, as they did at a pepper farm in South Georgia where I worked for a time. They are grateful to have any kind of opportunity to generate income. By and large, they are extremely hard workers — not just because hard work is a cultural thing in Latin America, but also because of economic desperation.

I can’t imagine any illegal alien from that area of the world, of their own volition, taking to the streets with demands for “paid job training.” That’s not how they think and it’s not a phrase they would ever utter organically.

What this likely is, in my estimation, is the social engineering project of a postgraduate Women’s and Gender Studies major or whatever — drawing up a bunch of signs, rounding up some Hispanic individuals from God knows where (probably the Home Depot parking lot), and marching them in front of cameras to generate some publicity for the Social Justice™ cause.


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Paid job training for citizens first and immigrants second, by the way, wouldn’t be a bad idea except that, first and foremost, no one in a position to make it happen really knows who these people are. They probably have no paperwork at all, and, if they do, it’s probably a summons, perhaps in a fake name, for the year 2035 to appear in some federal court for an immigration hearing that they’re never going to show up for. It’s hard to organize a paid job training program for virtual ghosts.

I’ve never been permitted to apply for a scholarship, for instance, or even to register at a university paying my own tuition out of pocket, as I did for my entire master’s degree program, without extensive documentation that I am who I say I am.



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