WATCH: CNN Pressures Cornel West to Drop Out, Return to Democrat Party Plantation

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

A fashionable new genre of commentary in the corporate state media is smearing third-party presidential candidate Cornel West, assassinating his character, shaming him, pressuring him to leave the race, and ultimately shepherding him and his supporters into full-throated support for the Biden campaign.


West announced his third-party presidential run initially on the People’s Party ticket several weeks ago but later switched to the Green Party due to palace intrigue within the former party.

From his campaign’s inception, West has been dismissed and maligned in equal measure as a “spoiler candidate,” meaning he would presumably sap votes from the Brandon entity and ultimately threaten his viability in the general election.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins — she of Trump town hall debate fame — did more of the same line of attack recently.

“Seven years ago when [Jill Stein] was the Green Party candidate, Hillary Clinton’s world blamed her in part for that loss, and Democrats are worried you’re going to play that role this time around,” Collins explains before going on to question whether he will drop out and endorse Biden in the general election.

In a similar vein, liberal propaganda machine The Nation recently pressured West to drop the third party and run as a Democrat:

Instead of waging a campaign designed to push Joe Biden—and the country—in the direction of justice and compassion, West seems not just resigned but determined to remain on the margins…

There is, however, an available arena where West could still provide useful pressure by laying out the left alternative to Bidenism: the Democratic primaries. On the debate stage, at campaign rallies, and in national media coverage, West, with his prophetic voice and moral clarity—like Sanders in 2016 and 2020—could accomplish a great deal.


Never mind the fact that the party has preemptively declared that there will be no primary debates, rendering the entire point moot, as stupid as it was to begin with.

Obviously, all of this sophistry would be much more forgivable if it weren’t so sleazily cloaked in concern-trolling over West’s allegedly superior ability to reach voters with his message from inside of the Democrat machine rather than from the outside. They don’t care about West influencing the political system; they just want him out of the way for the re-anointment of the Brandon entity come November 2024.

Whatever one thinks of Cornel West — I don’t agree with him on a lot of issues, such as the climate change scam (which left unchecked will potentially blossom into the greatest social engineering scheme of all time, even surpassing COVID-19) — I respect the fact that he has departed the Democrat Party plantation and apparently has no plans to return to servitude.

As I explained in the context of Republican candidate Tim Scott recently, there is nothing the ruling class hates more than persons of color who are willing to throw off the Democrat Party shackles that have gripped the black vote for decades at this point.


Should West stay the course to the end, ultimately appearing on the ballot in all fifty states or at least most of them as the Green Party nominee, the attacks from an increasingly desperate establishment media will only intensify. In my view, it takes a certain and uncommon degree of testicular fortitude to buck the in-group pressure to conform in any context, and increasingly bitter, tribal politics are no exception.



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