'Just Stop Oil' Protest Hits Pride™ Parade: Social Justice Civil War

The cannibalistic, schizophrenic Social Justice™ coalition, obsessed as it is with various identities and unable to treat individuals as individuals, is at war with itself.


I have previously written about this phenomenon in the context of transgenders vs “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” or TERFs. The transes subscribe to the postmodern concept that nothing is real and reality is an infinitely malleable social engineering project that can be bent to accommodate the most absurd claims, such as that some women have penises. TERFs, in contrast, believe in objective, observable reality, such as that having a female reproductive system is a definitive, permanent trait of women and women alone.

Obviously, these two positions are fundamentally incompatible, and so a vicious civil war between the two factions has erupted, often violently, on Western streets.

J.K. Rowling, a former superstar to the Social Justice™ left for injecting leftist ideology into her world-famous “Harry Potter” book series, has been all but excommunicated from liberal society for her support of TERFs — not to mention threatened with death and doxxed by rapid members of the LGBTQ+++™ community.

Now a new fissure has been fashioned between climate change activists and the transgenders — during Pride™ month no less!


Via The Guardian:

A number of protesters were arrested after blocking the road in front of a Coca-Cola truck.

The Metropolitan police said protesters sat in the middle of the road on Piccadilly at 1.30pm, causing the parade to stop.

After 16 minutes, police arrested seven protesters for public nuisance offences and the parade continued again one minute later.

Anyone who has developed a modicum of social skills will understand how counterproductive this strategy from the Just Stop Oil people is. Unfortunately, the movement is largely comprised of Zoomers who won a trophy for every sporting season they ever participated in. They have developed no sense of tact.

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The mayor of London, for his part, came down on the side of Just Stop Oil.

Continuing (emphasis added):

Speaking before the parade on Saturday morning, [London mayor] Sadiq Khan said: “I agree with protesting in a way that is lawful, safe, and peaceful. I think that Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil are really important pressure groups trying to put power on those who have power and influence.

“I fully support the right to protest. It’s really important to recognise the joy of a democracy is protest.

“I am somebody who feels quite passionately that we have to tackle the climate emergency. And I feel quite passionately about encouraging people to join the movement to tackle the climate emergency. In my view, protest should be peaceful, lawful, and safe.”


What does “joy of a democracy” even mean?

Of course, such as it is, the Canadian pro-freedom, anti-vaxx mandate truckers, and any other group espousing ideas disfavored by the ruling class, are barred from indulging in such a “joy of democracy.”



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