Milley Personally Wrote Iran Invasion Plan, Pushed Trump to Attack

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

In the ongoing political persecution of Donald Trump, investigators have reportedly gotten their hands on the audio recording of an interesting conversation between the former president and his aides.


Via CNN:

Federal prosecutors have obtained an audio recording of a summer 2021 meeting in which former President Donald Trump acknowledges he held onto a classified Pentagon document about a potential attack on Iran, multiple sources told CNN, undercutting his argument that he declassified everything.

The recording indicates Trump understood he retained classified material after leaving the White House, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation. On the recording, Trump’s comments suggest he would like to share the information but he’s aware of limitations on his ability post-presidency to declassify records, two of the sources said…

[Trump’s former chief of staff Mark] Meadows’ autobiography includes an account of what appears to be the same meeting, during which Trump “recalls a four-page report typed up by (Trump’s former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) Mark Milley himself. It contained the general’s own plan to attack Iran, deploying massive numbers of troops, something he urged President Trump to do more than once during his presidency.

Note what CNN chose to emphasize here. Rather than elaborating on an unelected Deep State operative drawing up plans for World War III and then pressuring the sitting president to launch it, their obsession, due to their Trump Derangement Syndrome, is with trying to prove the president mishandled classified documents (which likely shouldn’t have been classified in the first place).

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Of course, CNN’s defense contractor advertisers have been salivating for an Iran war since the Bush days. So it’s not surprising at all that they don’t bat an eye at plans drafted in the dark to commence an invasion of that country — an invasion, by the way, that would make managing the Iraq insurgency look like a cakewalk. Iran’s military strength is exponentially superior to that of the Baathist Hussein regime.

Woke Gen. Milley became a hero to the anti-Trump #Resistance last year on account of his self-hating prostration to the racialist mob, which came in the form of a slobbering defense of critical race theory.

“The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Gen Mark Milley, defended the study of critical race theory in the military when pressed on the issue before the House armed services committee, saying he wanted to understand white rage’,” The Guardian reported at the time.

That is what woke-washed bloodthirsty warmongering looks like.


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