#ForcetheDebate: Demands for Democrat Primary Debates Gain Momentum

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In a disgusting subversion of true democracy, the DNC has indicated that it has no plans to hold any debates in the ongoing primary for the party’s presidential nomination.


The reason for their reluctance is obvious: the geriatric corpse they currently have installed wouldn’t hold up to scrutiny on a debate stage with RFK Jr.

Exhibit A, as PJ Media’s Robert Spencer recently covered, is Biden’s appalling abuse of the English language — if that’s what the gibberish that poured out of his plastic-surgeried facehole can be called — at the G7.

And there’s a lot of other, t–, for example, the idea that we’re, uh, in terms of, uh, taxes, that they refuse to, for example, we, uh, I was able to balance the budget and pass everything from the, the global warming bill — anyway, I was able to — cut, by 1.7 billion dollars in the first two years, the deficit that we, ah, were, were accumulating, and, uh, because I was able to say, too, that the 55 corporations in America that made forty, 400 billion dollars, or forty billion dollars, 400 billion dollars, that, uh they, uh, they pay zero in tax. Zero.


Barring some unexpected, sudden advancement in neurology, the odds aren’t great that any of this is going to get better for the dinosaur.

As I reported on recently, Media Matters is running interference for the party by framing primary debates as “right-wing”: “Many conservative media figures are celebrating longtime anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign as a potential spoiler against President Joe Biden’s reelection, using his entry into the primary to call for Democratic debates — which usually aren’t held when a party is running an incumbent,” the organization opined.

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Urban talk show host Charlamagne Tha God went scorched-Earth on the party leadership: “That’s why it’s whacked that the DNC won’t let nobody primary. They won’t do no primaries next year, man. No f***ing primary debate! Put Joe Biden up on that stage with Bobby Kennedy, who’s challenging him.”

Now the grassroots calls for #forcethedebate is picking up steam.


The candidates currently left out in the cold — Marianne Williamson and RFK Jr. — need to get super aggressive with these corrupt party leaders. So far, they’ve been far too ladylike and gentlemanly, respectively, toward the demented Deep State puppet.

The blue-no-matter-who party faithful — perhaps 25% of the electorate or so — can be counted on to show up for Brandon (or Kamala, or Newsom, or whatever anointed puppet) no matter what. But slapping the voters in the face by canceling all debates — not to mention whatever other dirty tactics they’re sure to employ to keep RFK Jr. on the fringes — isn’t going to go over well. It’ll be the intra-party revolt of 2016 Bernie Sanders supporters on steroids.


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