California: Person of Color™ Torches College Students, Doesn't Even Get Probation

This is how Equity works.

While the Social Justice-obsessed liberal media manufactures race hoaxes to defame pregnant white women, a California DA has let a Person of Color™ convicted of literally setting students on fire at UC Berkeley skate without prison or even probation.


Via Berkeley Scanner:

A man who was found guilty of lighting UC Berkeley students on fire at a boba shop near the Cal campus in 2020 has been released from custody without prison time or probation after agreeing to participate in a diversion program for veterans, court records show.

In late April, according to records reviewed by The Berkeley Scanner, Brandon McGlone was convicted of multiple felonies in connection with the boba shop attack as well as felony assault and gun charges from a separate domestic violence case.

The resolution to the case was the result of a plea deal between the Alameda County district attorney’s office and the public defender’s office.

As a result of the deal, McGlone was referred to Veterans Treatment Court, according to Alameda County Superior Court records.

If he completes that program, Judge James Cramer said during the April 28 hearing, the cases against McGlone “would be dismissed.”

The Sept. 14, 2020, attack occurred mostly outside of the boba shop, but security footage from inside the shop caught some of the action, which included McGlone dousing his victims in WD-40 and then trying to set them alight with a lighter:

Then 46-year-old Brandon McGlone tried to light two other people on fire before lighting two Asian men on fire at the Feng Cha Teahouse.

McGlone first approached two men eating outside at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. He knocked their food off the table and said he was going to light them on fire.

While the two men retreated, McGlone allegedly sprayed them with WD-40. He then approached a group of people at the Feng Cha Teahouse down the street.


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The Alameda County chief prosecutor, Pamela Price, the first Person of Color™ to hold the position, upon taking office, pledged to “bring more racial equality to the office and overhaul the county’s justice system,” in addition to “ending over-criminalization of youth.”

Unsurprisingly, Price’s campaign for the office was financed by George Soros.

Multiple DA staffers have fled since Price’s “racial equity” agenda took the city by storm.

Via the New York Post:

A California prosecutor ripped hyper-woke Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price as “condescending and disrespectful” to the Asian community in her resignation letter this week.

Veteran prosecutor Rebecca Warren, who served in the office for over 17 years, is the second shellshocked staffer to flee Price’s administration in two weeks, following another highly experienced attorney, Danielle Hilton.


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