WATCH: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and Reuters Propagandist Attack RFK Jr.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Reuters Editor-in-Chief (Propagandist-in-Chief) Alessandra Galloni scored an interview with unindicted criminal and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, during which she raised the specter of RFK Jr.


(Being the treacherous institution that it is, the Reuters Editor-in-Chief fails to disclose that the Chairman of Reuters, James Smith, sits on the Pfizer Board of Directors — an obvious conflict of interest that compromises any coverage of the pharmaceutical industry. Similarly, Galloni doesn’t disclose to the audience that she is a made member of the World Economic Forum.)

Via Media Post:

As the federal COVID-19 public health emergency ended on Thursday, Pfizer chief executive officer Albert Bourla decried the assault on science taking place globally despite the fact that “science is what saved us” from the pandemic.

Bourla noted that undermining the authority of the Food & Drug Administration ––“the most iconic regulatory body in the world” — in deciding the safety and effectiveness of medicines (as a Texas judge recently did vis a vis the abortion pill) “undermines the whole system of trust that you need to have.”

While saying that this assault on science is more than just an anti-vaccine reaction, Bourla expressed sympathy with the “very vocal, very passionate, very good people, perhaps 15% to 20% of the country, who mistrust COVID vaccines because they’re “victims of a small minority of people making disinformation.”

The Reuters propagandist tees Bourla up with a predictable question about vaccine “misinformation” and public distrust of The Science™, specifically inserting RFK Jr. into her question.

“We have seen… growing mistrust of vaccines… it has contributed to the rise of figures like Robert F. Kennedy. What needs to be done to counter this wider assault on vaccines?” the Reuters propagandist asks.


Of course, Pfizer could stop committing fraud in its trials, among a hundred other reforms that might improve public trust in The Science™. But that’s obviously not what the lady is looking for.

Rather, she wants Bourla to decry the assault on The Science™ and call for RFK. Jr to be taken off Twitter and ideally shipped off to Guantanamo Bay to be blindfolded and waterboarded.

This is heartening news because it shows that RFK Jr. has struck sufficient fear in the hearts of the biomedical industrial complex (which includes corporate media outlets like Reuters that disseminate the propaganda) that it feels it can no longer simply ignore him, which is the preferred method of dealing with dissident voices.

These people only go on offense when they feel their interests are threatened. They have seen that RFk Jr. is currently sitting at about 20% in the polls, despite a near-total corporate media blackout aside from the occasional “anti-vax” hit piece. Even more frightening, he has cross-partisan appeal to many on the right — the block of the electorate that comprised the main opposition to the COVID-19 tyranny spearheaded by Pfizer and the government agencies it controls such as the CDC.



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