WATCH: Activist Demands $200 MILLION Per African-American in Slavery Reparations

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The Social Justice™ crusade to get cash money into marginalized minorities’ hands, allegedly as compensation for slavery, continues. I have explored the patent immorality of this project previously.


The last recommendation from California’s “reparations task force” was a $223,200 payment to each black resident, but that figure jumped to $1.2 million recently.

Via Daily Mail:

California’s reparations task force has approved recommendations which could give black residents $1.2million each as compensation for slavery and discrimination.

The nine-member committee voted Saturday to approve proposals on how the state can compensate and apologize for generations of harm caused by discriminatory policies.

A black resident in California who has lived in the state their whole life until the age of 71 could receive more than $1.2 million in compensation, if the recommendations are forged into law…

California became the first state to form a reparations task force in September 2020 following national protests over the death of George Floyd who was killed by a white Minneapolis Police officer.

It would seem, as an ethnic Caucasian non-Californian looking on from the outside, that an award of $1.2 million per alleged descendant of African ancestors to residents of a state that was never involved in the slave trade is exceedingly generous.

One might expect a bit of gratitude for the generosity of state lawmakers, albeit generosity with the taxpayer’s money and not their own.


But no.

This dude, “Reverend Tony Pierce,” irate with righteous indignation at the slight of being offered $1.2 million for free, instead demanded $200 million from the hearing floor!

“So the equivocal [sic] number,” he claims (he apparently meant “equivalent,” “equivocal” meaning “open to more than one interpretation”) from the 1860s for 40 acres today is $200 million,” referencing the abortive post-Civil War plan to outfit every freed slave with 40 acres and a mule.

The disgusting display of entitlement just goes to show, as Christopher Hitchens once observed, that “you can get away with the most extraordinary offenses to morality and truth in this country if you’ll just get yourself called Reverend.”

The Reverend has seemingly been spending a lot of time on the “we were kings” corner of the interwebs, which teaches that the noble people of Africa were all royalty in a flourishing civilization before the evil white man arrived on the continent.


As a side note, isn’t it interesting that, while leftist Brits in the West attempt to downplay and even abolish their own very real and very historically powerful monarchy, these revisionists attempt to seed a sense of reverence for their own, largely mythologized kingdoms in Africa?

Returning to the reparations debate, given that the Black Lives Matter policy position, as illuminated in the video below, is that looting retail stores is an ad hoc form of reparations for slavery, it’s unclear whether California deducted all of the financial losses incurred during the 2020 post-Floyd Summer of Love in its calculations.


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