WATCH: Top Urban Talkshow Host Charlamagne Goes Scorched Earth on DNC Over Debate Cancellations

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As I recently reported, the Democrat National Committee has a serious RFK Jr. problem on its hands, the apparent solution to which is simply to do away with the democratic process in its entirety by canceling any primary debates.


This news comes despite the slobbering rhetoric in his pre-recorded 2024 campaign announcement video about the alleged sacred importance of “democracy” against dramatic scenes from the January 6 cow they’re still milking for all its worth.

Via NBC News:

In a video titled “Freedom” — which opens with a scene of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, followed by an image of an abortion rights protest — Biden said that after he has spent his first term fighting for the country’s democracy, “MAGA extremists are lining up” to cut the social safety net and take away personal liberties.

Get it, bigot? Protesting what you believe to be an unfair election, as is your right per the First Amendment, is domestic terrorism. Canceling debates, on the other hand, that have occurred for decades in the standard course of the presidential nominating process, is saving Democracy™.

The savage irony and hypocrisy for the sake of shielding a dementia patient’s clear unfitness from exposure to the public are obvious to anyone willing to be honest — including to urban legend Charlamagne Tha God, whom the DNC has relied on in recent election cycles to garner support from the black demo.


“That’s why it’s whacked that the DNC won’t let nobody primary. They won’t do no primaries next year, man. No f***ing primary debate! Put Joe Biden up on that stage with Bobby Kennedy, who’s challenging him. And Marianne Williamson and whoever steps up to the plate. And let’s have a f***ing discussion, yo,” Charlamagne opined.

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“Democrats are goofies, bro. Look how goofy y’all are. Y’all really judge Trump and people who like Trump, when you got this motherf***r running again?” Andrew Shulz, Charlamagne’s co-host inserted.

Charlagmane is quite hit-or-miss with his political commentary, but at moments his apparent sincerity shines through when he’s interacting with the plastic politicians the DNC sends to his studio to pander to the urban demographic.

Back in December 2021, Charlamagne hosted Kamala Harris and asked her the most obvious and pressing question in the world that a corporate media news actor never would: who’s really in charge of the presidency?

In response, Kamala initially pretended not to hear the question, then got super testy with performative outrage, accusing him of “talking like a Republican.”


Traveling further back in time, he called out Hillary Clinton back in 2016 when she claimed she carried hot sauce around in her purse at all times in a transparent attempt to pander to black voters.


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