Based Korean Subway Fat-shaming: A Model for the West

The apparent message is: “Take the stairs, fatty! Those gravy legs won’t churn themselves!”


The East Asians run a tight ship.

Entirely too many obese but otherwise capable Americans get off scot-free socially by riding escalators when a perfectly decent set of stairs is right next door. This, of course, is their prerogative, but they should be shamed for their poor decision-making — not out of sadism, but genuine concern for our fellow man.

Having lived in Asia for some time and observed the ways of the locals, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that what we need more of in the West is shame of all sorts, including for ballooning into a human-walrus hybrid out of laziness and gluttony.

Ritual humiliation of deviants is an everyday thing in East Asia. They thrive on it. Economic productivity is sky-high. Social cohesion is unmatched. Schoolmasters still get to work with the cane on unruly students. And the kids in school act right accordingly. It’s nothing like American public school.


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East Asians look at the West as utterly dysfunctional, which it is. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from mimicking the Western lifestyle, which includes copious amounts of seed oil-laden processed foods of the KFC variety. And their waistlines have, in fact, paid a price. Obesity rates aren’t as high as in the West although they are climbing steadily.  But, for the moment, East Asians maintain the correct cultural consensus that fat is not, in fact, beautiful and that obesity is a serious health issue. Facts are still stated as facts. Intersectional feminist butterballs receive no ideological quarter.

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