'Transmedicalism' and the Fracturing of the LGBTQ+++™ 'Community'

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The LGBTQ+++™ “community” appears to be terminally stricken with internal strife. First came the TERFs v. trans flame war, which centered around whether objective biological reality exists at all or “trans women are women” simply because they say so. It got ugly, and the Harry Potter lady (an avowed TERF) basically lost her career over it.


Now the fault line is “transmedicalists” (also known as “truscum”) vs. “tucutes” (also known as “transtrenders”).

The transmedical position is that, in order for one to qualify as legitimately transgender, one must receive an official diagnosis and/or undergo “affirmative” medical care such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), gender reassignment surgery, etc.

The tucute (which stands for “too cute to be cisgender”) position is that no such official diagnosis or “affirmative” care is necessary to truly claim the transgender mantle.

Truscums accuse tucutes of appropriating the transgender identity essentially as a fashion statement. Tucutes accuse truscums of “gatekeeping,” a popular Social Justice™ term that means policing “marginalized” groups’ in-group/out-group identities. Both accuse each other of “invalidating” their “lived experiences.”


The “transages” typically weigh in on the side of the tucutes, because they also have an interest in promoting the “anything goes” version of LGBTQism in which adults can identify as children simply by claiming so.

This is what happens between members of a “community” that is built on the shifting sands of ever-evolving subjective “identities” with no grounding in objective reality. Maintaining cohesion is impossible. The challenges are compounded when the movement is comprised of narcissistic cry-bullies in constant competition with one another to achieve peak victimhood status.

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Someday, when the dust settles and freely investigating and discussing the pathologies of the LGBTQ+++™ “community” is no longer off-limits in academia, sociologists are going to have a field day with the subculture.


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