'Mukbangs': Not #BodyPositive

Image via YouTube

Thumbing through #bodypositivity Twitter, I stumbled upon a fascinating novel term: “mukbang.” It refers to a whole subculture of professional online eaters who have turned their food fetishes into cash cows.

The undisputed king of mukbanging is a 400-pounder named Nicholas Perry, otherwise known by his stage name Nikocado Avocado. He has amassed a whopping seven million YouTube followers.

The content is generally a mixture of absurd theatrics followed by gorging on banquet-sized spreads of fast food. Nothing is ever unprocessed or whole. The quantity and the quality are horrific.

Nikado Avocado has taken his mukbanger game to the next level with performative nods to his poor health, such as visiting the hospital to hear obvious diagnoses about his metabolic dysfunction and wearing a sleep apnea breathing mask during his stunts.

You can’t question the efficacy of experimental pharmaceuticals on YouTube, but glorifying a slow-motion death march with GMO frankenfood is fully kosher to the overlords.

It’s almost like… they want the nation’s youth to suffer and die slowly while gobbling up financial resources that end up in the pockets of the medical industry and then get funneled back into their pet media outlets through advertising.

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On the rare occasion that I catch an American television broadcast, it seems that literally every other commercial on corporate media is now for a pharmaceutical product — not to mention the direct sponsorships.

We live in a sick society with universally perverse incentive structures.



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