Topless Women in Period-Blood Costumes Run Hog-Wild Through French Streets for Abortion

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Based on the sharpie message on one of the ladies, these people appear to be members of Femen, a “radical feminist activist group” headquartered in Paris.


The women are apparently yelling “L’IVG c’est sacré,” which translates to “abortion is sacred,” accurately reflecting the religious nature of their ideology.

The most entertaining bits are the numerous absurd attempts by police and several onlookers to cover the women’s bare chests with mylar blankets. Yet they don’t handcuff or tase them or anything, which enables them to break free and continue their performance.

(Twitter screenshot)

You can watch the full video here.

I will say that feminist protesters in Europe tend to be markedly more attractive than American social justice warriors. Most of the European ones are pretty decent-looking, which makes their grievances all the more confusing. Compare to Trigglypuff, the American avatar of college campus Social Justice™.

Can you imagine a topless protest with that one? Sweet Moses!

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Anyway, the moral here is that people used to work out their daddy issues with private therapy sessions or drug abuse on private property. The problem is that public demonstrations of victimhood are now the highest expression of virtue in neoliberal orthodoxy. Martyring yourself for some obscure Social Justice™ cause gets you the equivalent of the Muslim 72 virgins thing.


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