Rebel News Furnishes Further Proof That Greta Thunberg Is a Child Actor on the World Stage

AP Photo/Rafael Yaghobzadeh

Stephen Green previously reported on the abnormalities witnessed in child superstar Greta Thunberg’s alleged super-serious arrest as a climate change martyr, which included giggling and posing with police in riot gear holding her hand while a professional camera crew just happened to be on hand to showcase the melodrama.


Rebel news caught up with Thunberg at Davos to ask questions about the curious incident:

The interview went shockingly poorly for a professional activist whose ostensible mission is to convince the public to join her cause.

Greta Thunberg might appear to be pre-pubescent but she’s, shockingly, actually 20 years old. The character she’s playing for Rebel News is like half that age, giggling, again, throughout like a schoolgirl at serious questions along the lines of “why are you meeting in private with egomaniac billionaires who all flew here on their private jets to discuss how to coerce the peasants into freezing to death in the wintertime an act of self-sacrifice?”

The character she was clearly going with here was the role of the absent-minded, naïve child with a happy-go-lucky worldview. Either this is the real Greta, or the character she role-plays on stage as the moralizing climate change superhero-henpecker-firebrand preaching a righteous beef is fake. Or they’re both fake, and she’s a method actor test-driving a new character. Regardless, giggly ambush-interview Thunberg is nothing like an on-stage Red Guard captain at the UN:


Speculatively, her handlers may have hoped that unleashing her to a small cadre of antagonistic reporters would backfire on them and she could be made to look like a child-bullying victim in one of the corporate media crypieces they often use to both demonize MAGA domestic terrorists and to fill 24-hours new cycles. Two birds, one stone.

What is not speculative is that none of this is remotely effective if galvanizing popular opinion on climate change is the point. The people who consume Rebel News (I am one of them) is the exact demographic that climate change activists have to convince if there’s ever going to be a democratic solution to the issue.


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