Study: Even After 4 COVID Shots, New Variant XBB.1 Evades Antibodies

AP Photo/Ted Jackson

Just like it was 2020 all over again, Jill Biden and her husband dutifully read the talking points fed into their teleprompter in their 2022 “Christmas message,” encouraging everyone not to travel, to spend the holidays alone, and to get boosted to hell — just like Jesus would want.


What is Xmas about if not injecting your family with experimental pharmaceutical profits and enforcing soul-crushing social isolation?

If the vaccines actually worked, one might be forgiven for shoehorning big pharma propaganda into a Christmas message. Alas, with each new variant, their impotence becomes more apparent.

News-Medical summarizes the significance of the findings of a study published on Jan. 5, 2023, in The Lancet vis-à-vis the COVID-19 shots:

Overall, the study findings showed that the SARS-CoV-2 XBB.1 lineage has an exceptionally robust antibody evasion activity. The researchers believe that the finding that XBB.1pp was not neutralized by mAbs highlights the need for novel mAbs for COVID-19 treatment along with additional therapeutic options for locations with high cases of XBB lineage infections.


Will the Public Health™ authorities adjust the government’s vaccine guidance, given the clinical demonstration of their inefficacy in preventing infections from emerging COVID strains?


For our VIPs: Are Vaccines Contributing to the Creation of COVID-19 Variants?

The GOP House recently forced the government to rescind vax mandates for the military, so kudos to them. Now they need to universally repeal every single mandate anywhere in the United States, as these are a moral affront to decency as well as actual science. Every single bureaucrat who issued or recommended them, at a minimum, should be fired, if not prosecuted under Nuremberg II.

The McCarthy drama proved that holding up business important to the corporate state does produce results in the form of concessions. The Freedom Caucus needs to make this standard operating procedure moving forward.



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