UK Schools 'Re-Educating' Students 'Brainwashed' by Andrew Tate

Anything Goes With James English, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Internet personality Andrew Tate has recently become public enemy number one to the ongoing Western project to turn the entire male population into slavish eunuchs.


Via the New York Post:

Teachers in the United Kingdom are creating lesson plans to re-educate teenage students who have been brainwashed by misogynistic influencer Andrew Tate…

A school in south London gave a presentation to a group of 14-year-olds after teachers became concerned about the students’ expressing ideas they learned from Tate, a self-described misogynist who has amassed a massive following of mostly young men on social media.


Such a stupid strategy is obviously destined to backfire on these pearl-clutching nitwits. Creating an entire curriculum to deprogram students illustrates the massive threat they believe Tate poses to their social control program and only serves to increase his exotic allure.

Let’s be clear that Andrew Tate, in my opinion, is a doofus who appeals to a super-simplistic notion of what masculinity means. Putting on my amateur psychology hat, he’s crafted a carefully curated alpha-male image for himself centered around ostentatious displays of wealth to make up for some deficiency elsewhere, perhaps a childhood trauma.


Tate’s no hero of mine, and I’d be mildly disturbed if my male child were enamored with his façade.

But that is neither here nor there.

Instead of going all Gulag Archipelago on the children, UK school administrators might take a moment to reflect on why kids are sourcing their inspiration from an internet lifestyle guru.

They might also ponder how a lone man is able to subvert the entire corporate state-directed brand of feminism that now serves as the ruling ideology across the West.

Might it be that this feminist ideal is choking male children to spiritual death, and, in their desperation, they’re willing to turn to literally any hero, no matter how unsavory, for a way out?

Alas, school officials are sure to learn all the wrong lessons from the Tate phenomenon and, in the end, drive more lost souls into his orbit. Not because the social engineers are authoritarian and evil — although that’s true — but because, above all, they’re dumb.



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