Flashback: When Jane Goodall Called for Global Depopulation at the WEF

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The corporate media still pushes the narrative that global depopulation agenda is a “conspiracy theory.” If, by “conspiracy theory,” it’s meant that the global depopulation agenda is a theory describing a conspiracy of elites to depopulate the world, that’s a technically accurate label. But, if they mean by the term “conspiracy theory” that global depopulation is not true and anyone who subscribes to it is crazy (which is what they really mean), it’s just gaslighting.


The truth’s right there in the public record for anyone to see.

For instance, the chimpanzee lady Jane Goodall appeared at the World Economic Forum in 2020 to lobby for a global reduction in population to levels 500 years ago.

“We cannot hide away from human population growth because it underlies so many of the other problems. All these things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago,” Goodall said.

Her sophisticated posh British accent and well-groomed manners belie the anti-human savagery she suggests so casually as public policy.

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The world population in 1500 was approximately 400 million. The current population is north of 8 billion. So Goodall is pining for about a 95% global population reduction.

That Jane Goodall spent her career, and got famous, studying primates is instructive because that’s how the social engineers view humans, as a feral animal population that needs to be managed. When it gets overgrown, it needs to be culled.

Effective leaders lead by example. But of course, Jane Goodall won’t kill herself, nor will Klaus Schwab or any of the other WEF minions. They mean that you, the little person, need to die.


This is where, in my estimation, one of the best arguments for religion as an organizing ideology comes into play. At the core of most religions is the tenet that the human being is inherently sacred, and that existence is a gift from, or an expression of, the divine. To some extent, it might be argued this keeps the most murderous human impulses in check.

Most people have no moral qualms about squashing a cockroach underfoot, because they view it not as an innately valuable life but as a nuisance that messes up their living space. Fundamentally atheistic Jane Goodall and Co., who view themselves as the replacement for God and as the rightful stewards of the Earth, view humans with the same disdain.


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