Will Scientists Brew Deadlier COVID Strains in Gain of Function, Blame Natural Evolution?

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

That the Wuhan Institute of Virology — funded courtesy of US taxpayers with the cash funneled by COVID Warlord Fauci’s NIAID through EcoHealth Alliance — created the Frankenstein SARS-CoV-2 virus is no longer seriously contested.

Despite the Chinese Communist Party’s and Western corporate media’s best efforts to cover up their crimes, the list of credible insiders blowing the whistle increases with time.

While common sense has always pointed at lab synthesis, establishing evidence has been challenging because the operations of these labs are ensconced in state secrecy – jealously guarded both by the U.S. and Chinese communist governments.

One of the biggest benefits of the secrecy with which the corporate state operates in this regard, aside from a lack of accountability, is that virtually no one outside of the power structure is aware of their work. We only get hip to the fruits of their labor when new Frankenstein viruses are unleashed.

When the new viruses emerge, identifying their source is often near-impossible. For instance, was the original SARS – another coronavirus – created in a lab? It’s entirely possible. We don’t know and likely will never have the smoking gun. Two decades later, there is still no compelling evidence to point to a natural origin.

There are now dozens of SARS-CoV-2 variants and subvariants in circulation.

The environment is – as military strategists say – shrouded in a “fog of war.”

Here’s what may potentially come down the pike: researchers at any of the blacked-out virology labs — not just in China but around Southeast Asia and even potentially war-torn Ukraine — could isolate one of the circulating strains of COVID, go to work on it to make it more infectious or more pathogenic or both, and then release it (either accidentally or intentionally) into the public.

The power structure could then pass this off as a natural evolution of the virus. The corporate media will immediately paper over any concerns of synthetic origin and castigate anyone who asks questions as a conspiracy theorist.

As long as the parties involved can maintain plausible deniability, keep the corporate media on their side to run interference, and keep a lid on internal leaks of pertinent info, they’ll be in the clear.

COVID Warlord Fauci is on his way out (possibly facing legal consequences in the next congressional session for his culpability in creating and profiting off of the pandemic). Restrictions are lifted for now. The vaxx mandates are all but lifted.

But we’re by no means out of the woods. Nothing has fundamentally changed, to quote Joe Biden, vis-a-vis tinkering with dangerous pathogens in secretive labs with no oversight.

And it’s not just COVID; scientists recently unearthed a virus suspended in the Siberian permafrost for 50,000 years to mess around with in the lab. They’ll be permitted to do it with public money that disappears into the government treasury black hole, and no one outside of the intelligence agencies will know what’s going on until it’s unleashed on the population.

Could they manipulate that one too to become more destructive, release it, and blame climate change as an excuse to crack down further on civil liberties and hamstring the economy?

The crazy train is running full steam ahead.



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