The Case That Told Everything About Western-American Society: The American Dream (of Suicide)

Although this is an exceptional case, it tells a great deal more than one might believe.

Let me tell the story shortly. In New Jersey a few years ago, a family man (Jeffrey Locker) seemed to be a very successful Wall Street consultant, in fact a millionaire. One night, he called his wife from his car, explaining that he was having car trouble and was getting someone to help him. It was very early in the morning, but the wife didn’t seem dismayed by this.


The next day, his body was found in his car. He had no known enemies. His wife did not seem particularly upset either.

The focus turned to the credit card, which was missing. The police hunted down the man who had it, Kenneth Minor, who became the chief suspect.

The victim’s family tried to cash his $18 million of insurance. Incidentally, $12 million of this sum had been taken out shortly before his death.

As they investigated, the police decided it was a very unusual type of homicide. The body was unusual, because the man (Kenneth Minor) had attempted to kill him through a combination of being bound and stabbed.

Without explaining all the complications, here is the shocker: the details of the case proved to be a mutual self-suicide, with Kenneth Minor claiming he was hired.

In fact, it is clear by ample documentation that this is so. Here’s the kicker.  Can you accept a mutually aided self-suicide? This was not just suicide, because the murdered man did not actually touch the weapon. Now, what did the court ruling say?

There were many lawyers who argued that since the victim wanted to be killed, and the family accepted the decision, this wasn’t murder, but Minor was eventually sentenced to 20 years in a New Jersey prison. In other words, the reasonability was shed on the man who assisted his suicide. And guess what? The insurance companies were required to pay millions of dollars.


Here is why it was so startling to me. It means that suicide can be insured, only if not stopped. People don’t want to take reasonability for their actions, including the government. This is what American society has come to. Neither the Bible nor the Constitution are contracts of suicide. Taxpayer money is not to be used for this purpose.


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