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Israel-Turkish Detente, An Important Turkish Motive for Seeking It Now

There's an important and totally new piece of information explaining the Israel-Turkish rapprochement in what an Israeli diplomat told a Turkish journalist, Tulin Daloglu, regarding a key reason why Turkey wanted to move now in accepting the Israeli offer that it previously rejected for more than 18 months. In addition, to the motive of mutual worry about Syria's future and some other things:

“Turkish export routes to the east used to go through Syria, to the East and to the Gulf. That’s not possible anymore. Turkish exports are shipped to the port of Haifa, where they’re loaded onto trucks, which cross Israel and then go to Jordan, and then from Jordan, they are shipped to the Gulf and to the East. Israel has now become a [pivotal] point for Turkish exports. It’s good, but no one wants to talk about it publicly."

For my overall view of this issue, see here.